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September 2021

Where can I find a full list of international artists that have recorded or part recorded their albums at Polar? There is a page on Wikipedia, but it does not show a lot.

Simon, UK 



Unfortunately, the Wikipedia page is probably all that's available right now (the Swedish version of the page doesn't offer any further information). There was a Polar Music Studio website ( which as I remember had a comprehensive list of artists who had recorded at Polar. That site seems to have been last active in 2015, but as it used Flash it's no accessible in the Web Archive's Wayback Machine. What remains of Polar Studios now belongs to Kingside Studios, which has no information about Polar on its current website.


I would like to know if Agnetha gave financial help to young Swedish company Snafu Records. Here is the link ,article in French.




Indeed it appears she has. Here is an article published just this week in Music Business Worldwide.


Can we expect to see the release of the Half Speed LP, 7" picture discs and coloured 7" sets as per previous LP's this year? Very disappointing if this release is shelved due to Voyage.

Steve, Australia 



There's been no official announcement, but I expect we will get a 40th anniversary series of issues for The Visitors, as we have with Arrival, ABBA - The Album, Voulez-Vous, and Super Trouper. But with the new Voyage album coming on 5 November, I expect The Visitors anniversary, which would have come in November, will be postponed to next year.


Is the song 'Bumblebee' is a re-recorded version of 'Free As A Bumble Bee' from 1978?

Thanks as always.
Yair, Israel. 



According to an article in the latest issue of the Official International ABBA Fan Club magazine, 'Bumblebee', the 8th track on Voyage, is an all new song and not a rework of the 1978 demo song.


Do you know who is Michel Weyland ? He is a Belgian comicstripper who has drawn no less than 39 comics that has as heroin the warrior Aria which face was inspired by the one of … Agnetha ! So if you want to follow the adventures of Agnetha the warrior, don’t miss Aria, ha ha !ée)

Sergio, Belgium



I was not aware of that comic series. Though it's not a question, I thought I'd post this here for reader's pleasure.


It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of regular contributor Tony Rogers from Australia in August. Just like me, Tony had been an ABBA fan from way back in the mid-70s. He even featured in a legendary magazine article in 1976, when he and some classmates put on a performance as "ABBA" for their school - Tony had donned a beard to play Benny. He always had interesting questions to ask here - the last published question was in January. There is one of his questions still outstanding that I may publish in the future. I never got to meet Tony in person, though we lived not all that far apart, but we'd been friends online for many years. I did however once see him sing with the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir, another of his passions. He will be missed.


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