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April 2009

Why did the group break up?




It seems that in the last couple of years inspiration within the group waned. Recording sessions for The Visitors album were reportedly “strained”, and the recording sessions in 1982 were less than inspired. Both marriages had broken up and a primary reason for forming the group in the first place – two young couples in love making music together – was gone. All four were in search of new challenges having done probably all they could with the group format. And to paraphrase what Björn said in interviews a few years earlier, it had stopped being “fun”. 


Can someone tell me if Agnetha is a CHRISTian and not an atheist like Bjorn without being rude??!! It’s just a question!!




Agnetha has never really professed her beliefs publicly, unlike Frida who has said that her strong faith has helped her though bad times. But I believe that she is a Christian in private.


Can you hear music on this website?

Donna, UK



No, but you can here and see ABBA clips on ABBA World’s new YouTube channel.


I am writing a song about road safety to raise awareness and promote responsible driving in New Zealand. The track I'm making includes a sample from an ABBA song. Do you know who I should contact from ABBA regarding copyright matters? Even if you just know a name.

Sam, NZ



In the first instance I would suggest contacting the local office of Universal Music. However Benny and Björn have been famously reluctant in allowing sampling of their songs, only ever approving two: The Fugees' ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ which sampled the riff from ‘The Name Of The Game’, and Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ which sampled the refrain from ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)’.


Hello! We want to congratulate Agnetha with her birthday. How can we do it?

Chiv, Russia



I'm sorry it’s a bit late for this answer now, but next year – for her 60th birthday – you could try writing to the addresses on the FAQ page.


Are all the re-released ABBA albums with extra tracks available in Australia 24bit?




Yes they are.


If I wanted to write Agnetha Faltskog a letter, what would be the address I send it to?

Troy, UK



You could try the addresses on the FAQ page, under "Where can I write to the ABBA members?".


Has Frida ever travelled back to her home town in Norway? Did the town make amends and do they celebrate her as one of their own now? Or has Frida never been interested in going back?

Dave, Ireland



Frida has indeed returned to her hometown in Norway. As a teenager and young adult she returned several times to visit relatives. Whether the town “made amends” or has celebrated Frida in any way I’m sorry I do not know.


I am interested in learning what are stringed instruments (beside guitars) are used in the song ‘I Have A Dream’ It sounds Mediterranean like a mandolin or bouzouki.

Pat, USA



On ABBA’s 1979 recording the refrain is played on an electric sitar. However the recording for the movie version of ‘Mamma Mia’ (2008) featured a real bouzouki.


On a TV show recently Bjorn was heard to say him and his former wife Agnetha split was amicable. I have just heard that it was all a front




Both Björn and Agnetha said at the time that their break-up was amicable, though both later admitted that it was not easy. However unlike many modern celebrity divorces they did not make negative and derogatory statements about each other in the media nor fight each other in court, and in fact continued to work together for four years.


Did ABBA ever sing a song with the following words in it "We were married in September back in 1969” Can't remember anymore of the words.




No, ABBA never sang a song that lyric or anything like that.

UPDATE 3 MAY 2009: Dave from Sweden writes: "I did a search on the Net and found a song by the band Air Supply called "American Hearts" which starts with the words "They were married in September back in 1969". The song the person was looking for might be a totally different song, however the line the that was quoted in the question is very similar to the one in the Air Supply song."


Back in January Silke from Germany asked:

I am looking for some photos or video-material from the ABBA-concert which was held in: Bremen, Germany Stadthalle on 1 November 1979.

I was a singer in the youth choir (Junior Singers, Oyten) which was standing together with ABBA on stage (I have a dream/Thank you for the music).Our Choir has this year 30th anniversary and we´re looking for some photos or other materials of this great concert. It would be nice if we could get something to remember.

Is anyone able to help Silke with this search? If so please write to me and I’ll pass it on to Silke.


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