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April 2012

I am pleased that the medley 'From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel' has been getting a very positive response and it was wonderful to hear it on BBC Radio 2 my favourite track from the medley is 'Another Morning Without You' and I was wondering if there is a full version in the vaults and whether or not the Chiquitita Story that was due to be included on the 1994 box set 'Thank You For The Music' could now be released and whether Bjorn & Benny could be tempted to release other gems in the vaults, I am very pleased that the medley was released but it is almost 30 years since 'Just Like That' was recorded and I think its a fantastic song and it deserves a release is there a chance on re-releases of ABBA Gold or More ABBA Gold if another track was replaced with 'Just Like That'.
Can you tell me if the version of 'Just A Notion' that was recorded by the tribute band Arrival uses the lyrics from the ABBA version and also if the full ABBA version does exist in the vaults as I think it would have been a nice inclusion on the 2010 Voulez Vous Deluxe Edition.
Also was 'Slipping Through My Fingers' ever released as a single from 'The Visitors' in 1981 and why do the songs 'Strangers' & 'Threnody' from Frida's 1982 album 'Something's Going On' not contain the names of the songs in the lyrics and I have heard there is a version of 'Soldiers' without the drum beats can you confirm if it's true. I have also heard that ABBA recorded a video for 'I Am The City' in 1982 and were 'You Owe Me One', 'Just Like That' & 'I Am The City' going to be included on the 9th album that probably would have been released in 1983 and I am sure that 'Cassandra' contains parts of the backing track from 'Put On Your White Sombrero' as the backing track sounds very similar can you tell me if it's true.
Are there any plans for a new ABBA compilation or box set and whether or not they will include more unreleased tracks.

Adam, United Kingdom. 



Yes, there would be a full version of 'Another Morning Without You' in the vaults - quite possibly more than one.
It doesn't seem likely that 'The Chiquitita Story' or other unreleased ABBA music will see the light of day. Despite putting together 'From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel' for The Visitors Deluxe Edition Björn and Benny (and Agnetha and Frida) are extremely reluctant to release unreleased material.
It's unlikely that any potential re-release of ABBA Gold or More ABBA Gold will add or replace songs, especially unreleased songs such as 'Just Like That'.
Yes, the version of 'Just A Notion' recorded by tribute band Arrival has the lyrics to ABBA's full length recording, which does exist and was at one point scheduled for inclusion on the Thank You For The Music box set (but never the Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition, despite what persistent rumours and Wikipedia entries say on the matter).
'Slipping Through My Fingers' was only released in single form in Japan, on the Coca-Cola giveaway single in June 1981.
It's not unusual for songs to not contain the title. For example ABBA's 'The Visitors' does not actually contain that phrase.
No, ABBA never recorded a video for 'I Am The City'. In a mid-1982 Polar Press Release Görel Hanser wrote that 'I Am The City' and 'Just Like That' were "album tracks", presumably held for the next album, while at the same time announcing the end-of-year release of new singles yet to be recorded and the double compilation album covering ABBA's whole career that was to be The Singles - The First Ten Years.
Yes, 'Cassandra' features a similar musical arrangement to 'Put On Your White Sombrero', but the two songs share no actual melodic elements.
As far as I know there are no plans for future ABBA releases featuring unreleased tracks.


In En Karusell, where the words "stora stora (or störa störa?) en karusell" are sung in the backing, would I be right in assuming that those voices are falsettos from Benny and/or Björn, as it certainly doesn't sound like Frida and or Agnetha.

Also, in the recording of that early promotion for ABBA's appearances in the folkparks in '72 or '73 (En hälsning till våra parkarrangörer) I did a Google-Translate of what they say from what appears in the songs-list of your website. However, I was wondering if you know if there may have been an in-joke in what they all say, because of the round of hearty chuckles and laughter that can be heard just before the end of that recording.

Cheers for now,
Tony, Australia



I'm not sure who's singing those backing vocals on 'En karusell'. It certainly doesn't sound like Agnetha's and Frida's usual zesty vocals, but it all sounds a bit muddled because the English back vocals bleed through a little, and can be clearly heard in the fade-out. It's likely Benny and Björn singing falsetto.

I don't know if the laughing at the end of 'En hälsning till våra parkarrangörer' means anything at all. It may be there simply because it's there, like the shot of ABBA laughing in the opening sequence of the TV special ABBA-dabba-doo!!


Could you please let me know if there are any reputable websites that have Swedish and/or English-translated lyrics of the pre-ABBA recordings of Frida and Agnetha, and of Benny & Björn's joint-compositions (particularly from the Lycka album)? It'd be nice to be able to sing along with these songs properly, rather than to what I think may be the lyrics; plus as I still haven't had the chance to learn Swedish yet, it would be great to know what they're singing about, rather than me guessing.

Thank you so much.
Tony, Australia.



For lyrics and translations for Agnetha's solo career see For Björn solo, Hootenannny Singers and Björn & Benny lyrics see Tribute To Björn Ulvaeus. The Hep Stars Hemsida has most of Benny's band's Swedish lyrics translated to English. I'm sorry, I can't find a site that has Frida's lyrics translated. 


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