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April 2013

I have spent hours trying to find if there is a store anywhere in the world where I could possibly buy some original concert T-shirts. If you can't help me I will just give up.  I guess I just thought that since they made so many that there had to be some somewhere. If you can help I would be very grateful

Chuck, USA



There aren't any original ABBA t-shirts on sale, except second hand on sites like eBay. You can buy new design t-shirts from theABBA | The official site and ABBA The Museum (online store coming soon)


Just sorting out all ABBA versions and looking for the best masters and just found this: but can't find the 4:40 version of 'The Piper' on your site - if the release has no typo.

Best regards,
Robert, Austria



It's a misprint on the label. The same misprint appeared on Super Trouper album sleeves and labels in some countries. There is only one released version of 'The Piper', the listed running time is 3.25 on 1980 releases, 3.26 on the 2001 Super Trouper remastered CD, and 3.30 on this site as that was the longest playing time on any CD release.


Can someone tell me who the photographer was for the 74 Ring Ring studio photo session was? (wearing the famous ring ring costumes). This photo session was feautured regularly throughout the 70s. In Australia, we saw it in TV Week, Woman's Day, and as a big rolled poster. In Sweden we also saw it in poster, and Go magazine. These days, we never see it in any of the fan club publications, with the exception of Bubi's photos wearing these costumes on stage for the Starparade show..I have searched extensively throughout my collection for a name of the photographer, and there is no name given. The most recent publication in which I have showing this photo would be in a Swedish 1992 magazine called "Gazette" and no mention. Hope someone can  respond...thanx 

Nicoletta, Australia



I remember those magazines and posters well. Unfortunately, I don't know who the photographer is. Perhaps a site visitor can identify the photographer - here is one of the photos from that session.

Regarding the 2000 Swedish movie: Sånger från andra våningen (Songs From The Second Floor), was a soundtrack-album of Benny's music ever released? In particular, I love the beautifully-haunting and melancholic 'Silent Song' (from the train scene: ), but would love to buy a copy if it was available, to hear the tune just buy itself without the brief narrative that’s heard just before that scene ends.
I love all the versions of this song, including the version that I'd first heard; sung by Helen Sjöholm as 'Saknadens Rum' (from the 2004 album BAO; to which it segues serenely into the majestic 'Kärlekens Tid').
Which brings me to my next question. The magnificent opera tenor; Bryn Terfel can be seen on a YouTube Clip singing another version with Swedish soprano Nina Stemme; with both songs put together, called 'Give me my song': Do you know if it has been released on a CD?

Thank you so much,
Tony, Australia 



There was a promitional CD EP with three pieces of music from Sånger från andra våningen, imaginatively titled 'Sång 1', 'Sång 2' and 'Sång 3'. It's very hard to come by - I've never seen it, only read about the contents.
To the best of my knowledge Bryn Terfel only performed 'Give Me My Song' that one time. It's not listed on any CDs.


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