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April 2014

Do all the ABBA members still live in Sweden?

Yvonne, New Zealand



Benny, Björn and Agnetha all live in Sweden, in or near Stockholm. Frida lives in Zermatt, Switzerland.


I am creating a full audiophile ABBA set for my personal collection, regarding to some publications on several forums (and last but not least to a personal contact to some audiophile listeners). As all side A tracks of The Album suffer from distortion, I have to compile the tracks from different sources. for 'Eagle' and 'Take A Chance On Me' I will use the versions from the 'Thank You For The Music' box set, changing the EQ to the 1992 Japan POCP CD. For 'One Man, One Woman' I have to use the 1997 Astley remaster, restoring the peaks and amplitudes and set the EQ to the Japan 1992 CD.
For 'The Name Of The Game' I am looking for a CD version without the distortion, cause it seems not available. I have many different compilations here, none have the clean version included. on the 5-LP-box released by Reader's Digest in 1982, the song sounds clean, but I try to avoid to work with vinyl transfers. Do you know any compilation CD including 'he Name Of The Game' without distortion?

thank you very much !!!
ABBAmaniac. Germany



I'm afraid this audiophile business goes over my head. All I can recommend is to check out a couple of websites with audiophile reviews of ABBA's recordings:
ABBA Annual has a page about each album, including The Album.
ABBA Just Like That has an extensive page about the various masterings, including a section specifically on the tracks on The Album.

I keep hearing ABBA have sold 380 million records, but I have a feeling that figure must now be close to 400 million given their presence in so many catalogue charts over the years. Is there a  'definitive' sales figure?

Geoff, Australia



The official figure that's out there now is 380 million sales. I'm sure with this year's anniversary celebrations and new releases the official figure will soon be revised closer to 400 million.


I attended the International Anniversary Party in London tonight (it was fantastic to see Frida and Bjorn!) and bought the Super Trouper edition of the Official Photo Book (which was amusingly misspelt 'Super Trooper' at the desk; clearly the Tate Britain staff aren't ABBA fans!). In the case, there are two DVDs, but both are the documentary. Has there been a mistake, and if so, what should I have received?

Nicholas, UK 



The two DVDs have the same content. One is PAL (TV system used in UK, most of Europe, parts of Asia, parts of Africa, and Australia), the other is NTSC (used in North America, the rest of South America, Japan and a few other Asian countries).


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