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April 2017

One of the songs on the 1978 album Carl Gustaf by Kjerstin Dellert is 'O, min Carl Gustaf'. The song was recorded in February 1978 in Glen Studio and was produced by Björn & Benny with Ricke Löw. Do you know if Agnetha and Frida (amongst others) are singing backing vocals on this song? The song certainly has an ABBA-sound! Also Michael Tretow was the sound engineer for this song.

Best wishes,
Mark, The Netherlands 



Frida is indeed one of the back vocalists on that 1978 recording of 'O min Carl Gustaf' (Oh, my Carl Gustaf).
If you're interested in ABBA's recordings, I recommend you get Carl Magnus Palm's new, updated book ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions. It includes information about this recording session and much, miuch more.


Is there any TV appearance of ABBA singing 'Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)'?

Kind regards
Volker, Germany



No, ABBA never performed 'Dance...' on TV or in concert.
For information about ABBA's TV appearances, take a look at the website ABBA on TV.


Something I've wondered about all these years, but keep forgetting to ask: was the squashed ribbon-banded hat that Frida wore in the fantastic 1977 concert performances of 'Why Did It Have To Be Me' the one that Agnetha or Björn wore in the iconic 'Dancing Queen' single-cover photo-shoot?

Cheerio for now,
Tony, Australia



Though many fans have referred to the hat that Frida took from drummer and percussionist Malando Gassama during the 1977 concerts as "Agnetha's" or "Björn's" hat, it's probably not. The hats in the photo session were probably props that were in the photographer's studio at the time.


I don't know if it was a sad outcome or a just a rumour, but I remember hearing that Frida might have lost touch with her father sometime after they met for the first time.
Do you know if she kept in touch with any of her half-siblings or other extended German family?

Thanks Ian,
Tony, Australia



All I really know about Frida's relationship with her father and his family is what is recorded in Carl Magnus Palm's excellent biography Bright Lights Dark Shadows - The Real Story Of ABBA.


Do you know the machinations on how Frida's magnificent 1971 album was chosen out of thousands (millions?) of old LPs for release in this year's Record Store Day, in not just Sweden, but several other countries where it wasn't originally released, including -amazingly and magically- here in Australia? Does some sort of international independent music store vote happen, or is it a random choice? ...and if some sort of vote [or even suggestion] can be made to the bosses at Record Store Day, I wonder if fans could request an honouring of the historically mega successful Australian and New Zealand LP: 'The Best of ABBA', for a future Record Store Day?

Cheers (...and here's hoping),
Tony, Australia



I can't find any information about what records are selected for Record Store Day on the official international website, the Australian site, or Wikipedia, or if suggestions can be made for RSD releases. I know that in some cases the artists themselves are behind the special releases for Record Store Day, others it is the record companies that create something they think will be popular, or just sell lots of copies (e.g. the ABBA releases in 2012 and 2014).




Where is your next question, Simon?


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