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April 2018

1. Is there any likelihood of Djupa Andetag being given the deluxe treatment at some point?
Have you heard any further news on the I Stand Alone deluxe release?
Any plans on the 1977 tour being released? 

Best regards
Simon, UK



1. It's possible, but as far as I know there are no plans at present. A rerelease with the Interaktiv section that works on today's computers would be nice.
2. Both the Official International ABBA Fan Club and ABBAtalk have reported through contacts from Warner Music that it is under developement and should be out this year. That's all the news that's around at the moment.
3. See Mike's question below.


I have a question about your database of ABBA songs:
'Lay All Your Love On Me' and 'The Way Old Friends Do' has applause bridging the songs on the original vinyl releases, but every release since 1992 doesn't have them at all! Your database states that all releases since 2005 have them, but they don't really. Just give it a re-listen. I think that the sounds were created by Polar's vinyl processing studio by adding these onto all vinyl releases, and got kept on all international master tapes (but of course not Polar's). Why about this? Please expain
On another note, your answer to my third question states that Carl didn't say a thing about ABBA in Eurovision 1973, but he did! Just check his compilation notes and the Photo Book. He might be twisting ABBA's world history a bit! And what really came third on Eurovision 1973 was the UK. Why do people still think this when many unauthorised ABBA historians like you know the truth?

Thanks, from Aaron (my 4th question!), Australia



The original Polar/Polydor CD, created in 1982/83 and available until 1997, was mastered from PolyGram's 1980 LP master. The 1997 and 2001 remastered CDs had each song mastered from its individual master tape, not the LP master, so was missing the applause segue between the two songs. The applause had been applied to the completed, compiled album master tape. The version of the album in the 2005 box set The Complete Studio Recordings was again mastered from the album master, not the individual track masters, so it features the applause seque. Finally, the Delxue Edition released in 2011 had the songs mastered from the individual track tapes, but recreated the applause segue, which actually comes in a little later than on the original album.
I'm not sure where you get the idea that Carl Magnus Palm ever wrote that ABBA represented Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973 (see December 2017 answers). He has written in all books and CD booklets that Björn, Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid performed 'Ring Ring' at Melodifestivalen, the Swedish heats for the ESC, and came third there. The closest I can find to anything that could be interpreted as otherwise is from the booklet in the 2001 remastered Ring Ring CD:
Performing the song in the Eurovision selections in February, the group felt certain of their victory.
Unfortunately, the music business experts residing in the jury - a mix of singers, composers and journalists - felt otherwise, and 'Ring Ring' finished third.


Do now if ABBA's live in Australia 77' tour was ever recorded entirely, as was at Wembley in 79? If so, any plans to package and release in CD/DVD format?

King Regards,
Mike B. 



Apparently all eleven Australian concerts in March 1977 were recorded in full, for the soundtrack of ABBA - The Movie and also a projected live album that never happened. At this time, no there are no plans to release a live album of the tour. At the International ABBA Day in Stockholm in 2016, Mia Segelsson of Universal Music Sweden said that they had located the tapes, and were checking them to see if there was anything that could be released. That's the closest we've got to any statement about a possible release of the 1977 tour.


There are some listings of jJpan books on eBay (see enclosed links). You haven't review them, but do you know what is the content? One of them is supposed to be the Japan ABBA discography and the other one the ABBA story. Are there any ABBA pictures or only record sleeves' pictures?

Thanks and warm greetings from Poland.



I'm sorry, I have no idea what is in those books. I've never seen them before. Perhaps someone reading this knows about them. If anyone out there knows about these books and can share more information, please write to


Since seeing Cher's 2004 cameo on 'The Last Video' (and now that she'll be appearing in Mamma Mia 2), I've always been intrigued as to whether Cher and any of ABBA had met before and/or had been to the other's concerts in the past. Going by Cher's The Last Video cameo, it looked like she had fun, and could indeed have been her public 'coming-out' as an ABBA fan. Do you know of any Cher/ABBA detail prior to The Last Video?

Thanks, and cheers...
Tony, Australia



As far as I know, Cher had never previously met any ABBA members. I've never seen any comment about ABBA from Cher, but I'm not a Cher follower so I might have missed something. Anyone reading this know any different?


I hope you can help me with something: There is one ABBA song where a whistle of a train is the beginning. Could you tell me which it is. I searched the web, but I found nothing.

Many Thanks
Kind Regards
Uta, Germany 



That song is 'Nina, Pretty Ballerina' from the album Ring Ring.


When was the English version of 'Fernando' first released in Sweden? It wasn't on the Swedish ABBA- Greatest Hits album. So how did it get released in Sweden?

John, United States



The 'Fernando' single was released in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark in March 1976. 'Fernando' was added to the Greatest Hits album on Denmark and Norway, but not Sweden. It made its LP debut in Sweden on ABBA - The Singles in 1982.


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