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April 2019

Could you please clarify if ABBA's pre-name was: Festfolk, Festfolk Quartet, Festfolket, or all three?

Thank you,
Tony, Australia.



As far as I've been able to determine, Festfolk was the name of the show performed between November1970-February 1971, not the quartet itself. The book ABBA - The Backstage Stories by Ingmarie Halling shows notes from the show in Benny's handwriting, headed Festfolk, though another image in the same book shows a folder with Festfolket written in unknown handwriting on the front.

Festfolk notes Festfolk folder


i cannot find any DVD of ABBA on tour with their Voulez-Vous album songs. This entire album was great.  There are just one or two songs but why no video of the album with live performance? Can you help me with this?
And do you know when the BBC/NBC Television show will air.  There is no date given.

Thank you!



The TV special ABBA In Concert, filmed during ABBA's tour of North America and Europe in 1979, just a few months after Voulez-Vous was released, is available on DVD. It features three songs from Voulez-Vous, though ABBA did perform six songs from the album on that tour. The DVD is available from the ABBA Fan Club Shop, or you should be able to find it from most online retailers.


I have a few questions:
1. I went back and saw your work on CD mixes of 'Lay All Your Love On Me' with the generic applause sound effect intact cause I was a bit confused. Now, could you tell me about the single versions of said track (ones that supposedly fade out before the applause) cause I'm currently thinking they might've been identical to the "direct from master tape" mix (the 1992 version)?
2. Brought a copy of ABBA Icon just recently, and to my surprise the promotional edit of 'The Name of The Game' is featured. Said mix also appears on the 20th Century Masters title said release is based on (according to Discogs), but your site states the album version is included. Quite odd for a CD released after the 1997 album remasters were standardized...

Love, Aaron, Australia



1. To be honest, I don't remember which of the 1982 singles of 'Lay All Your Love On Me' faded without applause, and which faded after the applause started. It's probably 37 years since I've listened to any of those singles, and almost as long since I've lived with a working turntable to play them on. Those that faded without applause faded before the applause - the first time 'Lay All Your Love On Me' was heard in full without applause was on ABBA Gold in 1992.
2. Again to be honest, I have not actually heard those CDs. The original 20th Century Masters: The Best Of ABBA - The Millennium Collection originated in the USA. The same master as ABBA Gold was probably used for that CD. Other reissues including ABBA Icon, which I believe also originated in the USE, probably used the exact same master. I ahd assumed the full version of 'The Name Of The Game' was included. Thanks for pointing that out - I will have to make the appropriate changes on the website.


In your feature, ‘Who sings which song?’, you list the songs that have a joint lead vocal as ‘Agnetha & Frida’, presumably because that’s in alphabetical order. But there’s one exception, ‘You owe me one’, where you say ‘Frida & Agnetha’. Is there a reason for this? I have always thought it sounds more like Frida than Agnetha (which I would also say about ‘I am the city’).

Thanks, Gary



Your exactly right, Gary, Agnetha and Frida are listed alphabetically. For 'You Owe Me One' the two women sing together, but Frida's voice is more dominent (personally, sometimes I think it is mostly Frida solo). For 'I Am The City' Frida and Agnetha are both listed, separated by a comma rather than an ampersand, because they each sing solo sections of the song.


Who and or what determines the amount of units issued for a "ltd" edition item?

Michael, Canada 



I imagine the people in the Polar office at Universal Music Sweden review sales of previous limited editions, and make the decision based on past sales and interest. In some cases, like Record Store Day releases, they are commonly editions of 2,000 or 5,000. The recent box sets of singles for the 40th anniversary releases of the studio albums has steadily risen - the Arrival set in 2016 had 2,000 copies, The Album set in 2017 had 3,400, and the forthcoming set for Voulez-Vous is apparentlyh 4,500.


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