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August 2012

Is there a connection in between the "Let Poland be Poland" comments made by Benny & Bjorn in 1982 and a German Mad magazine cover showing ABBA with their mouths taped shut? It clearly means they were censored by some government officials.
The new generation of fans may not be aware of this.

Thank you!
Frank, USA 



I'm not sure if the cover of that German issue of MAD magazine is a political statement, or just an irreverent request for ABBA to shut up! Ironically it's the December 1982 issue of the magazine, the last month that ABBA was an active group.


1. Eleven years ago, when the 2001 remaster CD series was released, it was said that the live album was not remastered, because maybe in the future there would be a new, better, live album. Do you know if universal is still trying to get a new live album released? Or have Björn & Benny already blocked a release? Is there somebody who knows more about it? Who is the person who knows what's in the archives and what's the state of the live tapes?
2. At the end of 1978 Agnetha & Frida were interviewed by Radio Luxembourg for a children's programme, where  they sang a-capella the Christmas song 'Nu tändas tusen juleljus'. Do you know if the interview was done in Stockholm? or was it part of some promotional trip?

Best wishes,



1. At the time there was a plan to release a new, improved ABBA live album. As we know Benny and Björn aren't fond of live recordings or releasing previously unreleased material. I'm sure that Universal Music would still love to release a live album, but that depends on the ABBA members' approval. I believe that there have been moves to digitise all the ABBA recording archives to ensure that nothing is lost.
2. That interview was probably recorded in Stockholm. ABBA made a short promotional trip to London in the first week of December 1978, but otherwise remained in Stockholm.


Why is it with all the new memorabilia, ABBA fans are never asked, or questioned? They just go ahead and make whatever they like as they know we will go out and buy it. Personally, I would love to see a 2012 version of the famous Glass Mug produced in Australia by Reg Grundy a new and improved version and something special to commemorate the 35 anniversary of the Australian leg of the 1977 tour. How can I go about requesting this? What are the appropriate channels? I am certain a lot of fans would rush out and buy this item, they would sell like hot cakes.
I believe the one produced in 1977 was made out of thick glass, and sold in concerts.. Unfortunately, it was sold as is, with no souvenir box or anything and mostly little kids had these. Surely, they must have realised this would happen, they would have known their target market? What is your opinion? The only thing I would not like to see is this item sold on a first come first serve basis & multiple copies sold to the same buyer who would then list it on eBay 3 times the amount they paid.

Nicoletta, Australia 



I don't know who is responsible for creating the ABBA merchandise that is available today, through the official ABBA website and the ABBAWORLD exhibition. I'm not sure of the legalities of reproducing an item originally created by another producer - Grundy's merchandising contract for ABBA lapsed decades ago.
I don't think that anyone had an inkling that the original glass mug would become a valuable collector's item - at the time it was just a piece of merchandise intended to be used as a drinking vessel.


My niece is a huge ABBA fan and had hopes that ABBAWORLD would come to America. Can you offer any insight as to why the US was not chosen for the ABBAWORLD tour?

Susan, USA



The main factor in holding the ABBAWORLD exhibition anywhere is finding a venue that would hold it. I believe that several venues in the USA were investigated but a suitable deal was not reached. Since the exhibition closed in Prague in August last year, it has not been held anywhere.


1. Most of photo sessions for ABBA album covers (from Waterloo to The Visitors) are well documented. But I have read nothing about the session for the Singles - The First Ten Years. Can you provide more information on this session? Where did the session take place? Who photographed? The setting, etc.
2. The VHS Essential Stockholm is an excellent source of information for ABBA fan on their trip to Stockholm. I myself just visited Stockholm for 4 days this summer. Has it ever been released on DVD or is there any plan to re-issue it (probably in DVD format) in the coming time?

Thank you and regards,



1. The cover photo for The Singles - The First Ten Years was taken by Lars Larsson, probably around September 1982. I would guess the photo session was held at a photo studio in Stockholm, but you're right, there hasn't been much information about that session.
2. Essential Stockholm was a one-off limited release of 1,000 copies. Due to rights issues I doubt it will be released on DVD.


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