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August 2013

Why did the stage show of ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ not have ABBA music, while it was a key feature of the movie? On one hand, I would have assumed that Benny & Björn may not have been happy with the swearing in relation to ABBA (ie: “No more @#%*ing ABBA”). But then I would also have assumed that Benny & Björn would have seen the script to give approval for the ABBA songs to be included; plus, Benny & Björn have a good sense of humour, so as the swearing was not being an anti-ABBA sentiment and was only in relation to one character being fed up with ABBA being played/performed all the time, I wouldn’t have thought it would have been a problem.

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The obvious answer is that the ABBA songs are in MAMMA MIA!, and it's most likely Littlestar Services wouldn't authorise the use of the ABBA songs in another musical.


Do you know where can I see the Agnetha: Abba and after? I look for it in Youtube but I think it's not there. It's that documentary ( but I can't see it and I can't find it nowhere.

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Surprisingly, it seems that it's not posted online anywhere. It was available on BBC iPlayer (for UK residents) and nineMSN video (for Australian residents) for a couple of weeks after the programme was broadcast.

Are the b-side and album "live" versions of "Take a Chance On Me" different, and if so why ?

John, USA 



They are the same recording, but mixed differently. There are two different mixes that appeared on single. The most common version has the applause fading in and out very quickly at the start and the end, and Agnetha's asides "that's all I ask of you honey" and "come on, give me a break, will you" are almost inaudible. The version on the single in Canada, Australia and New Zealand has longer applause at the start and end, and Agnetha and Frida can be heard thanking the audience at the start. The version of ABBA Live has louder drum sounds, more bombastic, as was done on every song on the album.


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