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August 2015

Having been a long time ABBA fan I was shocked to discover there was a Spanish version of 'Waterloo' recorded that I never knew about. My question is why this has never been released on the Spanish releases i.e. ORO or Gracias??. It is available on YouTube but quality poor but worth a listen.

Graham, Scotland



ABBA had planned on recording a Spanish version of 'Waterloo' was to be recorded when the group visited Madrid, Spain between 20 and 22 May 1974, but there's no evidence that it was ever recorded. The Spanish version on YouTube is by Spanish singer Margaluz, dubbed over a clip of ABBA performing the English version on Spanish TV.


In how many countries were "official" ABBA records (or tapes) pressed? I possess some LPs and singles, etc, that come from Jamaica, Kenya, Ghana, Libya, etc.

Serge, Belgium



I'm not really sure.There are only a few countries that didn't manufacture ABBA records or tapes, such as China and North Korea, though pirate records circulated in these countries. Probably some smaller nations did not make their own ABBA records and tapes but would have imported them from elsewhere, e.g. Pacific islands would have imported from Australia or Asia (as they still do).


Will ABBA ever release the complete "live" version of "The Girl With The Golden Hair" on CD? This would be the version from the concerts in Australia including 'Get On The Carousel'.

Thank you,



It seems that the 1977 concert recordings were reviewed when Polar Music was compiling last year's ABBA Live At Wembley Arena album, and apparently at one stage a download of 15 minutes from the 1977 tour was planned to be available on iTunes, bundled with Live At Wembley. But I don't know now if anything from the 1977 tour will ever be released (but of course, I'd love it if it was!)


Do you know if Björn plays guitar anymore; whether that even just be with friends for fun and/or even just at home?

Tony, Australia



The only known public performance of Björn playing guitar in many, many years was at the VisFestivalen i Västervik in July 2013, when the two remaining Hootenanny Singers, Björn and Tony Rooth, performed a few of their Sixties hits in memory of bandmate Hansi Schwartz, who had died the previous January. So I guess yes, he does still pick up the guitar now and then.


I'm writting a musicbook with a few arrangement from the Songs that are not mine, included two songs of ABBA ('Dancing Queen' and 'Money, Money, Money'). For that I need a permission, but now I do not know whom do I have to write?
I have Musicnotes and Records (Sibelius) for my guitar orchestra which I can send it to you. Is it possible to get a contact (mail) for the Person that is responsible for it?

Best regards,



I suggest you contact Universal Music Publishing in your local country.


I used the address listed to write Agnetha. I wrote in 2013 but didn't have a complete address and tried again 2014 and had it delivered FedEx and it was signed for by the receptionist. I have never gotten a response despite sending return postage. I see others who have gotten responses who wrote her after me who posted what they got. Do you think its likely despite being signed for it was never seen by her? Thank-you. I see a note was posted on your home page that indicates she has dropped out of sight again and may no longer do autographs. I never asked for one but did hope I'd get some type of response. Doesn't sound promising for me sadly. It was such a respectful letter I sent. I thanked her for all the music she has done including her own music pre and post ABBA. 




I believe that items sent to Mono Music are forwarded to the ABBA members, but whether they read them or respond I couldn't say for sure - it's up to them. Agnetha has been known to sometimes respond to letters in the past. I've heard rumours that Agnetha has decided not to sign autographs or respond to fans at the moment.


Who has said Agnetha is not signing anymore autographs?

Lisa, UK


As I wrote in the response above, I've heard rumours that Agnetha has decided not to sign autographs or respond to fans right now. Recent items such as ABBA Monopoly games signed by just Benny, Björn and Frida as prizes from the official ABBA site or the Fan Club seem to back that up.


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