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August 2016

UPDATE: In the previous Questions & answers, Erik asked about the credit for the song 'The Silence Of The Dawn' on the B&B 50th anniversary gallery. I'd had the song listed there, as I'd been informed when the song was first performed in 2001 that Björn had written the English lyric. I've since been informed that Ylva Eggehorn, who wrote the original Swedish lyric 'Innan gryningen' in 1999 was also responsible for the English lyric. So that song has now been removed from the gallery, as it's not a Björn and Benny collaboration.

This month's questions all come from Clare in Canada.

What was Agnetha's salary from Raskenstam?  



I'm afraid I don't know. As far as I know that information hasn't been made public. The film had a budget of 7.7 million Swedish kronor.


Why did Agnetha and Torbjörn Brander break off their engagement? How did Agnetha meet her second husband Tomas Sonnenfeld?  



Like so many relationships, it seems that Agnetha and Torbjörn just drifted apart. They had already had a break for a year before they reunited and announced their engagement in September 1983. There doesn't appear to have been any incident that caused their final split.
How Agnetha and Tomas Sonnenfeld met isn't really known. That was the height of Agnetha's most private time out of the public eye. The world only really became aware of Tomas when a photograph of their wedding was released to the media.


Why didn't Lasse Hallström direct ABBA's final two music videos?  



Apparently ABBA's international record distributors, probably primarily Epic Records in the UK, felt that Lasse Hallström's videos were old-fashioned and cheap-looking, and put pressure on Polar to supply videos that matched the glossy, expensive looking videos that came along after the launch of MTV.


What are the details of the falling out of the ABBA members relationship with Stig?  



It's a long, long story, involving business deals and the breakdown of personal relationships. I couldn't possibly give the story justice here. See my recommendations at the bottom of the page.


Are there any available details of the divorce settlement of Björn and Agnetha? Was one given sole custody of the children?  



As far as I know, details of Björn and Agnetha's divorce settlement have not been made public. The two shared custody of the children, Linda and Christian.


How did the idea for Agnetha and Linda to record an album together come about? Where did the idea come from for her to also record a children's album with her son?  



I believe it was Agnetha's idea to record both of those albums.


How did Agnetha meet her ex-boyfriend Dick Håkansson? 



Apparently Dick was in Benny and Frida's circle of friends, and Agnetha met him through them. Just as Björn met his wife Lena.


Why did Agnetha form Agnetha Fältskog Produktion?  



After Agnetha left Polar Music she formed her own production company to look after her business affairs. The company still exists today.


For more information I recommend you read some ABBA biographies, such as the excellent book Bright Lights Dark Shadows: The Real Story of ABBA by Carl Magnus Palm. For more details about Agnetha's life, I suggest you read the new biography Agnetha Fältskog: The Girl With The Golden Hair by Daniel Ward.


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