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August 2020

I was wondering if Frida draws, or if she used to draw more than just the occasional doodle (eg: her bird with a woman's head - as attached [which I'm guessing is her head - as it looks like it], and I'm sure that I've seen a version with curly long hair)? And/or if she does any other art? I can also imagine her doing sketches from when she used to enjoy sewing clothes.

Thanks and cheers,
Tony, Australia




We haven't seen much of Frida's drawing work (and yes, there is another version of the Frida bird with with curly hear, though I can't locate a copy of that just now). There is a well-known ABBA photo from late 1980 with all four ABBA members holding autographed drawings - in this one, Frida has drawn a palmtree on a tiny island decorated for Christmas.


What was the most successful compilation(best-of) album from Anni-Frid Lyngstad/Frida ?

Best wishes, thank you
Wolfgang, Germany



There have only been a few compilations of Frida's songs, mostly of her pre-ABBA Swedish recordings for EMI. There has only been one collection songs from her three Polar Music albums, 14 Hits, with songs in both Swedish and English, released in 1998 (and later reissued in with different artwork), which is probably the best seller. There has never been a compilation covering Frida's entire recording career, nor one released outside Scandinavia.


Do you have the video of Dick Cavett Meets ABBA with 'One Of Us' alternative music video?

Yair, Israel



I can't locate a full recording of that version of Dick Cavett Meets ABBA, but I have found a video showing the common and rare versions of 'One Of Us' side-by-side for comparison. Read more about the special at ABBA on TV, which includes links to several different videos of the special.


When ABBA came to Australia in 1976, do you know if Kerry Packer (and maybe his family) and Reg Grundy met them seeing they brought them out here the first time?

Tony, Australia



I've never heard any reports of ABBA meeting either the Packers or the Grundys in Australia. A couple of years ago there was a story in Australian media about Reg Grundy's former residence in Narrabeen, in the north of Sydney (which was for sale at the time), claiming that ABBA stayed in this house during one of their visits. Whether it's true or not has not been confirmed. It's possible they may have at least visited the house - I have heard other stories of Benny and Frida dining at Balmoral pavillion (also on that side of Sydney), and to this day there is a dress shop at Narrabeen with a sign proclaiming that Frida shopped there.


Why is the Swedish version of 'Honey, Honey' in a different key than the English version? I've been wondering this ever since I heard the original ABBA rendition, only knowing the Mamma Mia! movie version previously. The Mamma Mia! version is in that version's key, but it doesn't have the vocals in the choruses with Bjorn.
I recall being shocked when I found out the international 18 Hits CD only had the Swedish version (during the "multi-language" segment) rather than both the English and Swedish versions, which would've been an improvement. Is anyone also bothered by this issue?

Love, Aaron, Australia



'Honey, Honey' was originally recorded in the key of E. It was sped up for release, raising the song to F, though the Swedish version does run a little slower so slightly lower in pitch. The Mamma Mia! movie version is in a lower key to accomodate Amanda Seyfried's range.
The Swedish release of 18 Hits (subtitled Svenska Popklassiker) featured all four of ABBA's Swedish recordings. The international version of the CD had one song each in the European languages that ABBA recorded in - Swedish, German, French, and Spanish. To have included two different language versions of the same song on that CD would have meant dropping off one of the other 18 hits.


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