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December 2008

We are looking for a really good ABBA Tribute Band to play at a charity concert - could you recommend any?

Katy Tanner, UK



I can't really recommend any. There are quite literally dozens in the UK alone. Check this page for links to websites.


hi just wondered if the Let the Music speak book will ever be available here in the UK. And could you please tell me which ABBA fansites have video clips on them.

Helen, UK



At the moment, Let The Music Speak is only available directly from author Christopher Patrick's website or the ABBA Fan Club Shop.

There are lots of websites with ABBA video clips. See here for links.


Dear Agnetha, Why did you breakup ABBA? 

Lucia Garcia



Agnetha didn't break up ABBA. The four members simply grew apart, first personally then professionally. They lost the "spark" they first shared when ABBA came together, and in the end wanted to do their own things - Benny and Björn wanted to write musicals, and Agnetha and Frida wanted to further their solo careers.


What voice type have every ABBA member?

Walter, Mexico



Agnetha is a soprano, Frida is a mezzo soprano, Benny is a tenor and Björn is a baritone.

(thanks to Chris Patrick for help with this question)

Recently I had cause to check the lyrics of that song, which I have always remembered—since the 1980s--as including the line ‘Do you hear the guns, Fernando?’ I entered it exactly that way into Google, which came up with many sites that repeated it word for word. But then I checked a site that posted the complete lyrics, and it says drums, not guns. Is this simply a common error? Was the original guns but later changed?

Bill Marsano



The opening line to 'Fernando' has always been "Can you hear the drums Fernando". It's never been changed. There are a lot of websites with lyrics that include misheard lyrics like this, some intentional, some not.


How is the youngest fan?

Chloe, age 10, Wales



ABBA has fans of all ages. I've heard of people who became fans as young as 4 or 5. Some even grew from babies listening to their parents' ABBA music. Ten is certainly one of the youngest that I've heard of though.


Are the current ABBA albums CDs available in Australia 24 bit? It doesn't state 24 bit on the cover.




They are indeed. It seems that in recent years record companies haven't been putting that sort of information on CDs.


I have seen the common backstage pass for the 1979 tour. I recently acquired this one and was wondering if anyone knows whether it was a  backstage pass or a promotional sticker.

Michael, Texas, USA



To the best of my knowledge it wasn't a backstage pass as such, but it was used to brand tour equipment and luggage. It's a very special souvenir and you're lucky to find an unused one like this.


I can't find a clip of Abba performing Lay All Your Love On Me. Did they ever perform it live and where can I find the clip of it?

Joe, UK



ABBA never performed 'Lay All Your Love On Me' on stage nor on television. When the song was released as a single in 1981 Epic Records in the UK put together a promotional clip to play on television, using footage from earlier ABBA clips. This can be found on the ABBA Gold DVD.


It is almost 2009, and as we all know in 1979 ABBA recorded the album Voulez-Vous. In the tradition of the "Deluxe Edition", next year is the turn of the disc above. What I would like to know is that if the compilation of this record will include as a bonus track 'Just a Notion'. I wonder if it will be present, to be saving now hehe.

Alan, Peru



There's not news yet that will be getting a Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition in 2009. Sadly though I doubt that it would include 'Just A Notion'. Apparently Björn and Benny tried to salvage the song for the 1994 box set Thank You For The Music, but in the end weren't happy with the result and so we only got the small extract in the 'ABBA Undeleted' medley. But it would be a special treat to have it in full. We'll have to wait and see...


I want to know if you sell ABBA records by mail. I also want to know if you can tell me the personal addresses of Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid ( or the addresses of their Offices), because I want to write letters to them.

Carlos, Brazil 



Sorry, I don't sell ABBA records through this site.

I don't have any personal addresses for the ABBA members, and even if I did, it would not be appropriate to share them. You can write to the ABBA members c/- Universal Music Sweden or Mono Music - see the FAQ page for addresses.


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