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December 2009

Apart from ABBA guest-starring on Celebrity Squares when they visited Australia in 1976, I was wondering if they had appeared on any other game-show around the world?

Thank you. Cheers, Tony, Australia



As far as I'm aware, no.


Do you know if The Michael Parkinson Show ever intended to interview ABBA during their heyday, or Björn and Benny since the Mamma Mia phenomenon. It was such a great TV show while it ran, and I am surprised that (as far as I know) they never made an appearance.

Cheers, Tony, Australia



I've never heard that there was ever any intention that ABBA would appear on Michael Parkinson's long running talk show. However in 2004 there was talk that Agnetha had been scheduled to appear to promote her album My Colouring Book, among other planned media appearances, but in the end she cancelled almost all promotion.


I want to know which is Benny & which is Bjorn and did they both play guitar or did one play piano?

Dianne, Australia



 Björn Benny

Björn (left) played guitar, Benny (right) played keyboards, but also played guitar very occasionally.


Is there any tv or concert footage of ABBA singing "Angeleyes" from the album Voulez Vous and is there any tv footage of Agnetha singing "To Love" from her solo album "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" and "The Angels Cry" from the album "Eyes Of A Woman".

thanks Helen UK



'Angeleyes' is the one song from Voulez-Vous that was never performed on TV or the concert stage. I'm not aware that Agnetha ever performed 'To Love' or 'The Angels Cry' on TV. 'To Love' is heard in the very rare Making of Wrap Your Arms Around Me documentary.


Please can you help me.  I would like to obtain Sheet Music for the Album Super Trouper, especially Andante, Andante, Put on Your White Sombrero, The Way Old Friends Do etc. I have been trying for a long time to get copies of this CD in sheet music form.

Regards Patricia, Valencia, Spain



A couple of different sheet music folios of the Super Trouper album were released in 1980, but these are long out of print. Put On Your White Sombrero was not included as it was not released until 1994. There are many folios of ABBA hits and the songs from Mamma Mia! on the market, but not the entire album I'm afraid.


My daughter and an American boy, sang "Silent Night" in English, with ABBA when they visited Leysin, Swtizerland in Christmas/New year 77/78. They recorded several shows at the time. I think the shows were released in 1979.  The one with our daughter was shown in New Zealand, but as we were still in Switzerland we have never seen it. ABBA fan club sent us one DVD of one of the shows but it was not the one with our daughter in it. Do you have or can you locate that particular show?

Regards, Les, New Zealand



ABBA's visit to Leysin to film ABBA in Switzerland was in February 1979. ABBA in Switzerland was first screened in the UK in April 1979, I don't know when it would have screened in New Zealand (in Australia it was June). ABBA also filmed other appearances that were used in other specials throughout that year, including a Snowtime Special for Christmas. However none of these specials featured ABBA singing 'Silent Night' with children, and I've never heard of any such TV appearance - it must have been cut.


Any news if any more ABBA DVD will make blue ray




Not as far as I'm aware. There were a few online listings for ABBA in Japan on Blu-ray Disc (BD)but this has not been released. The only ABBA released on BD so far are ABBA - The Movie and Mamma Mia! The Movie.


I would like to know how tall is Agnetha.

and... Happy new Year!

Bob, Italy



According to her official biography in 1976 she was then 1.72 metres tall.



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