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December 2010

Have any of them ever thought of coming to Chile to sing or know the Chilean Patagonia where I live? Yours fans waiting for you .

Greetings and blessing from Mayi, Chile



As far as I know, no, none of them has any plans to visit South America or Chile in particular.


I wonder if you could tell me who currently manages the band or more specifically who manages Bjorn Ulvaeus?

Thanks very much
Jon , Australia



Görel Hanser looks after the business affairs for Benny and Björn.


In Frida Ensam's Ett liv i solen, there is a soft male (?*) voice in the background harmonising with Frida in the chorus. It certainly doesn't sound like it's Benny to me; additionally, I'm not sure if it's Björn, though it sounds like it could be possible. *Alternatively, I was wondering if it could even be Frida singing in a lower register. Do you know who it is?

Tony, Australia



Singers Lasse Holm and Lasse Westmann are credited in the backing choir, so it could be one or both of them. Or knowing Benny's production techniques it may well be both of them, plus Frida and Inger Öst, the other credited backing singer.


For as long as I've had the album(age 9 in 81) I have never been able to distinguish the correct backing vocals in certain parts of One Of Us - and Two For The Price Of One - so I figured it was time to ask the experts :-)

in the choruses of One Of Us - at the end of the girls' singing 'wishing she was somewhere else instead' - I think its Bjorn  -doing a line of  "Half? One of us is ----ing, the other half? is ? aching/----ing "    - any ideas on what it actually is?

In Two For The Price Of One - the girls' backing part " If you are dreaming of the girl that would be right for you, why don't you call us and then You'll get two for the price of one... We may be the answer to your problem....      " - I used to think it was 'if you're feeling blue' - echoing the main vocal line, but on repeated listening I am convinced it is something else and haven;t a clue what

Hoping you can shed some light on this

Andrew , UK



Those backing lyrics in 'One Of Us' are:

One of us is shaking with a heart that's breaking

And for 'Two For The Price Of One':

If you are dreaming of someone that would be right for you
Why don't you call us and then you'll get two for the price of one
We may be the answer to your problem if by chance you feel blue
Why don't you call us and then you'll get two for the price of one

There was a good quarter-page review of the ABBAWORLD Exhibition in The Sydney Morning Herald (Mamma Mia! Here we go again, p16, 16th December 2010), and the curator of the exhibition: Ingmarie Halling, mentions that there was an ABBA costume that she couldn't find that was made with gauze from a hospital. Do you know which costume that may have been?

Tony, Australia



That is a good question I've been asking myself since I read that article in too. I don't recall any costume that fits that description, but sometimes we haven't seen all the costumes. Recently I saw a 1978 TV performance from France that I'd not seen before, ABBA are wearing clothes that I'd never seen. Or perhaps the costume that Ingmarie is talking about was a prototype that was never used.

There is one men's costume on display at ABBAWORLD in Györ, Hungary that I've never seen before - it looks something like a golden version of Benny's 1979 tour outfit.


How can the ABBAWORLD exhibition be in two places, Sydney and Hungary, at the same time?

Richard, UK 



Quite easily. Most of the actual exhibition material is created specially for the exhibition - the photos, signs, videos, interactive activities. The actual historic ABBA paraphernalia - costumes, instruments, gold records, awards, etc - there is enough to go around, The original London exhibition had some costumes that did not make the trip to Australia, but Melbourne and Sydney had some costumes that weren't on display in London. The Sydney and Györ exhibitions have a different layout to the London and Melbourne ones, Sydney particularly, as they occupy smaller spaces but still have the essential elements of the exhibition. I have heard a rumour that ABBAWORLD will be opening in Spain soon.


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