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December 2013

I am curious about how did every time Agnetha and Frida (A&A) learn a new song by Bjorn and Benny (B&B)? I read reports saying B&B did not write music score, they only record their new song (or melody) on a tape and bring it to the studio. So did A&A learn or practice every new B&B song without reading scores?
Also, for the vocal parts, who wrote the vocal score for soprano (to be sang by Agnetha) and mezzo soprano (to be sang by Frida)?
My final question is, how could A&A sing so synchronizely and control their tempo so well even without looking at each other and without a conductor?
My final final question is, some ABBA songs have very lengthy lyrics, have A&A ever forgotten lyrics on stage? If not, I admire the girls' super memory!

Hwey, Taiwan 



That's true, Benny and Björn could not write musical notation. Agnetha and Frida would learn new songs by hearing the recorded track, probably with a guide vocal by Björn which would be erased from the final recording.
You can see an example of Agnetha and Frida recording together in the Dancing Queen Recording Session clip on the Arrival Deluxe Edition, released in 2006. The two girls are facing each other. This and other photographs in the studio suggests that this is how they recorded vocals together.
Finally, like everyone they are fallible, so yes, occasionally they would flub lyrics.


I would like to know if next year would be a Waterloo CD deluxe edition?, I have all the deluxe and I think they are great.

Veronica from Argentina



Yes, there will be a Waterloo Deluxe Edition. At this stage there has been no announcement of what will be on it. Presumably it will be released in April, around the time of the 40th anniversary of ABBA's Eurovision Song Contest win.


Are you able to tell me what Agnetha and Frida and singing during the instrumental bridge between the chorus and verses of The Piper, please? It's the bit after the recorder/penny whistle solo and it sounds like "sonar lunar" but that doesn't make any sense to me.  I've wondered for the past 33 years!

Matt, UK 



That lyric is "Sub luna saltumas", Latin for "we dance under the moon"


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