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December 2014

When and where will we be able to order the Limited edition ABBA version of the Monopoly board game?

Kind Regards,
Mike, Canada



You can order it from uDiscover Music, ABBA | The official site, ABBA The Museum, the ABBA Fan Club Shop, or many other Swedish online retailers such as Bengans or Ginza. It does not seem to be available from interntaional webstores such as Amazon.


You know that Slowly is the last song Benny and Bjorn wrote for one of the girls (in this case Frida), did Frida ask them to write a song for her or did they just randomly decide to write a song for her?

Augusto, Paraguay



Polar Music boss Stig Anderson was eager for Benny and Björn to write a song from Frida for her first English solo album, Something's Going On, in 1982, fort hit potential and some "ABBA magic". Though they didn't complete a song for that album, they did for Shine in 1984.


In regards to the live version of ‘I Wonder (Departure)’, recorded in Sydney, March 1977 (as appears on the B-side of the ‘The Name Of The Game’ single), do you know which of the two concerts it was taken from (March the 3rd or 4th), or if it may have been a hybrid of both concerts via remixing them before it was released on that single?

Tony, Australia



I'd guess it was the second Sydney concert on Friday 4th March, as the sound was pretty bad on the Thursday night concert due to the rain. Ot it may have been recorded at one of the other nine concerts of the Australian tour, but branded Sydney on the record label as that's the best-known Australian city internationally.


I just listened to Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, and read the personnel, saxophone and trombone are among the instrument but I can’t really hear those instruments, from which minute to which minute do those instruments run?

Augusto, Paraguay



I don't hear those instruments on the released recording either. According to Carl Magnus Palm's book ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions (1994), they were recorded on 31st August 1979. Benny and Björn may have been trying something with the horns, but weren't satisfied so mixed them right out of the released recording.


A couple of us were wondering if anyone has ever been able to specifically pinpoint where the actual cove is on the Hawkesbury River where ABBA are seen to have a lunch break on Channel 9’s ‘The Best Of ABBA’ from 1976? As long as that river is (before it changes into being the Nepean River), it looks like somewhere in the area around Bobbin Head, the areas that can be seen when travelling on the train up to the Central Coast, or Cottage Point (anywhere further ends up getting to look flatter, like around Richmond, Windsor and Emu Plains). Looking forward to hearing if you may know where it could have been.

Cheers for now,
Tony, Australia



I couldn't say for sure. There are no identifying features in the video, and all that area looks the same. However, I'm pretty sure that the spot where ABBA are shown learning to throw boomerangs is at the Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Centre near Patonga (I visited there on a school camp excursion in 1975, and did boomerang throwing and archery at the same place). I'd guess the barbecue on the beach was somewhere near there, but not at the beach at the Sports and Recreation Centre, which is much bigger. I recall someone once identifying another shot of the boat travelling down the river being near the entrance to Berowra Creek from the Hawkesbury River - houses can be seen on the shore.


I watched my copy of ‘Chess – Deluxe Edition’ last night, and I was wondering if all of the promotion-videos were made in the UK and/or Sweden?

Tony, Australia 



As far as I know they were all produced in the UK.


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