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December 2015

Do you know why Agnethas voice sounds so much different at the Live at Wembley album recently released than on the original studio recordings?

Thanks and take care,
Andreas, Germany



I can't say for sure why Agnetha sounds so different much of the time on the Live At Wembley Arena album. Perhaps she was tired, having already performed for five consecutive nights. There are some parts of songs when her voice can't be heard at all. Perhaps she was coming down with a cold - she does sound congested at times.


Was wanting to know did Agnetha sing on 'Why did it have to be me' and did Frida sing on 'My Love, My Life'? I previously asked about ABBA recording 'Waterloo' in Spanish. The reason for my question was an interview i found on YouTube where Agnetha states recording 'Waterloo in Spanish'?? Maybe she got confused, not sure.

Kind regards
Graham, Scotland



Agnetha and Frida sing the female part together on the studio version of 'Why Did It Have To Be Me', and also when performed live on the television special ABBA-Dabba-Doo!! in 1976. On the 1977, 1979 and 1980 concert tours Frida sings this part alone, giving Agnetha a break off-stage to change costumes.
Frida does indeed sing on 'My Love, My Life', in the many overdubbed layers of "heavenly choirs" behind Agnetha's lead vocal.
It does seem that Agnetha may have been confused about the release of 'Waterloo' in Spanish in Spain. The English version reached number three there, so perhaps that's what she was thinking of.


I am going to have the limited edition of Something's Going On at Christmas. I am Hearing Impaired so are there subtitles on the DVD?




It does indeed have subtitles, in Swedish, English, French, German, Spanish, and Brazillian Portuguese.


I have seen Agnetha wear an ABBA logo necklace in at least two videos 'Thats Me' and 'If It Wasn't for the Nights' and also in pictures. Do you know if its gold or silver? It looks gold. They make replica necklaces that are silver and its hard to imagine her or Frida wearing something mass-produced for sale to their fans. I'm just curious if her own necklace was the same thing? It would certainly be understandable if a personal necklace was gold.

Larry, USA



I believe that the ABBA logo necklaces worn by Agnetha and Frida many times from 1976 onwards were gold, and made especially for them - they certainly look golden in photographs. The original mass-produced versions for sale were made of cheaper materials with silver plate. Recently available ones are made of silver.


Recently at Bonhams Auctions was sold a Lindner upright piano, 73 keys, lightweight, used by ABBA between 1972 and 1979 for composing many songs.
Do you know more details? This piano is brown veneer on film (Abba-dabba-doo, ca. 1976) later it is painted white. It seems to have been on tour in ABBA World, 2009-2011. And this piano was in the ABBA Museum from 2013 till September 2015.
Any info is very welcome, since I study Dutch designed pianos, and this Lindner "ABBA" piano was designed by the Dutch piano factory Rippen.

Thank you for reply!
Pieter, Netherlands



Apparently, the wood-veneer piano seen in Björn and Benny's songwriting hut in ABBA-Dabba-Doo!! was replaced in 1979 by the white piano, which was on display on the ABBAWORLD touring exhibition and still on display at ABBA The Museum in Stockholm.


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