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December 2017

Back in 1974 it was ABBA who won for Sweden the Eurovision Song Contest. The conductor was Sven-Olof Walldoff who was notable for being dressed as Napoleon. But I read on a Eurovision fan website that in fact only a minimal orchestration was used and most of the instruments came from tape. Do you maybe know what parts of the songs were played live by the orchestra and what parts were pre-recorded? I watched the performance several times but it’s really hard for me to see the differences. Do you maybe have an idea? 

Best regards,
, Germany



ABBA used an instrumental backing tape, as this was allowed in accordance with Eurovision rules, as long as the instruments heard were represented on stage. The piano, guitar, bass guitar, and drums were seen on stage, mimed by Benny, Björn, Rutger Gunnarsson, and Ola Brunkert. The only instruments from the orchestra that can be heard are the horns, replicating the saxaphone bursts during the chorus.


Where did you have the information that this year will be release a Deluxe Edition of Agnetha's I Stand Alone album? I searched the whole WWW but I cannot find any Information. I hope you can give me some more information.

Alex, Germany 



There has been nothing official announced about the re-release of I Stand Alone. The album's co-producer, Bruce Gaitsch, has mentioned in a couple of interviews that the deluxe version is being prepared. Both the Official International ABBA Fan Club and Facebook group ABBAtalk have been informed by contacts that it is likely it will be released sometime in 2018, and is expected to contain remixes, Spanish versions, and a DVD of television material, but no unreleased music.


Is this 2017 Anthology DVD released for the South American (Brazil) market only? And if so, how can someone get a hold of a copy?

Mike ,
Vancouver, Canada 



Yes, that DVD is available only in Brazil. Similar releases are also availabe in Chile and Argentina. If you search for the DVD title, you should find several sources.
The contents are from the ZDF Kultnacht television special that gathered together many of ABBA's performances on that German television network. The quality is no better than a home recording of the program. There appears to be some loose copyright laws in these South American countries that allow release of this sort of material - there have been several unauthorised DVDs of television material released. Even Universal Music Brazil released DVDs of ABBA Gold and More ABBA Gold, without authorisation, long before any official ABBA DVDs had been released.


According to Carl Magnus Palm (ABBA's current official historian), he thinks that ABBA performed 'Ring Ring' at the 1973 Eurovision to represent Norway when they actually did it for Melodifestivalen according to other sites. Have any info if this is true or not?
Also, taking about the ballet scene (the one with 'Ring Ring') in ABBA: The Movie, can you see a record cover for an ABBA album? If so, tell me which one

Luv Aaron, Australia



I think you've misunderstood, Aaron. Nothing Carl Magnus Palm has written or said even hints at ABBA representing Norway at Eurovision. Björn, Benny, Agnetha and Frida performed 'Ring Ring' at Melodifestival on 10 February 1973, in hopes of representing Sweden at Eurovision that year.
No, I don't see any ABBA record sleeves during the 'Ring Ring' ballet school sequence in ABBA - The Movie.


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