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February 2009

Mt. Fuji picture disc LP. Were there really only six made, and did a fan really have to go to court to get hers awarded to her, aswas the rumour at the time?




I've never heard of such a disc or this story. I've asked around a few collector friends and they've not heard of this either. One suggested that it might be a well-known Taiwanese 12 inch picture disc single which is said to be an extremely limited edition, bit it's not.

Eagle One Man, One Woman

(pictures thanks to the ABBA Picture Gallery)


Looking for the song: Lue pama luma blanka (I believe). It’s a song about a man who wants to be free and flies in to the sky. Heard it in the 1972-1974 time frame in Germany.




It’s not an ABBA song. That song is ‘Paloma Blanca’, a worldwide hit in 1975 for Dutch group George Baker Selection. However, there is a bootleg recording in circulation from ABBA’s rehearsals for their 1979 concert tour where they can be heard singing the title line of the song in an off-the-cuff moment. 


You mentioned in an earlier reply: "Björn was responsible for all song lyrics in ABBA’s later years." Where can I find accurate information on who wrote the lyrics on any particular song? The information about this on different websites (including is vague: Benny & Björn are listed as both composer and author to every ABBA-song (except those written by Stig Anderson), including the later songs. (You have a section on called "Who sings which song?". I wish you had a similar section called: "Who wrote the lyrics on which song?").

Frode, Norway



All ABBA songs were composed by Benny and Björn together. Up to 1977 Stig Anderson wrote lyrics for many songs, all of which are credited. Sometimes Björn and Benny would rework Stig’s lyrics, sometimes Stig's contribution was limited to the song title. It is known that Benny by himself wrote lyrics for very few songs, notably ‘Me And Bobby And Bobby’s Brother’, ‘Gonna Sing You My Lovesong’ and ‘Suzy-Hang-Around’. Most other lyrics were probably written by Björn by himself, especially from 1975 onwards.


Is there a score available for Kristina från Duvelmåla?? I have the album but I would like the score as I play a musical instrument & the musical in fantastic.

Andrew, Belfast, Ireland



There is a music folio featuring 14 songs available from the ABBA Fan Club Shop . Full score versions are available from Mono Music - click on Noter for details.


Where can I find the English translations to Frida's Swedish solo songs? Thanks for any help.

Eileen, U.S.A



You can find translations of some songs at the Frida fan site Sounds of Silence


The Greatest Hits park bench scene is one of my very favourite ABBA images. However nobody seems to know where this shot was taken and when. I am hoping you may be able to solve this [for me] last great ABBA mystery!

Thanks – Jill, UK



It is known that the photo was taken on Djurgården in Stockholm, but no one has been able to track down the exact location. It's might be near the restaurant Ulla Winblad, where other photographs were taken that day.


Please can you tell me where to find the texts of the Abba songs?

Joske, Netherlands 



You can find the lyrics on many fan websites - see the Links section. However be warned that many unofficial sources have incorrect lyrics. The Songs section here at ABBA World has accurate lyrics.


I'm an Italian Abba fan and would like to know where I can get a copy of Agnetha's biography book 'As I am', since I've been looking for it for a long time!

Ella, Italy x 



The English version, the original Swedish version, and the Danish translation are all long out of print, but you can sometimes find copies on eBay. Recent German and Dutch translations are still available.


I attended the Cher Living Proof Farewell Tour in Vienna Austria on 1 June 2004 and ABBA was the supporting act. How can I obtain proof that the original ABBA performed with Cher at the concert?

Rita, Johannesburg, South Africa 



ABBA came to an end after a final television appearance in December 1982. Since then they have only reunited to sing together a handful of times for private occasions, with only one publicly seen reunion when they recorded a song for a television tribute to their manager Stig Anderson in 1986. One of the reasons for ABBA not touring the USA until 1979 was that they wanted to tour as headliners, not as a support act. They certainly wouldn't be support act for someone else in 2004. Any “ABBA” performing at a Cher concert was most certainly one of the hundreds of ABBA tribute bands around the world, which one I could not say. But I can say with certainty that it was not the real ABBA. 


I remember seeing a portion of a show that was on BBC America last year that featured backstage footage of ABBA. It also contained interviews with Agnetha and Frida. I believe that the show was made in 2004 or 2005. I remember that it ended with a showing of Mamma Mia! that was attended by all but Agnetha. Do you know if this show has been on recently or if it will be shown again?

Thomas, USA 



That is the 2004 television documentary Super Troupers – 30 Years of ABBA. It has been broadcast on television many times in many countries and I wouldn't be surprised if it was screened again. This documentary is available on DVD. 


How old are the women and men also? What a talent they are. I love listening to them.




Right now Björn and Frida are both 63, Benny is 62, and Agnetha is 58. See the FAQ page or the Facts section for more details. 


I am exactly now listening at You Tube a song claimed to be of ABBA. Its name is "When the Waves Roll Out to the Sea". I immediately checked in your catalog but it does not appear, at least under letter W. I would appreciate if you could tell me if it is really a ABBA song. Anyway a very nice melody.




It is indeed a Benny and Björn song, but not an ABBA song. There are several demo recordings of this title in circulation, including an instrumental version and one sung by British musical theatre star Elaine Paige. The verse is the melody from the unreleased 1982 ABBA song ‘Just Like That’. ‘When The Waves Roll Out To Sea’ is one of the several versions attempted during the recording of the musical concept album CHESS (1984). The melody was finally released as ‘Glöm mig om du kan’ in the Swedish version of CHESS in 2002. 


I want to really know the cause of their (ABBA) separation and also whether any of them remarried. Was there any kind of reunion? If yes, how long did it last?




Both couples simply grew apart, though Benny and Frida’s union came to a final end when Benny fell in love with another woman, Mona Nörklit, who later became his wife. All four remarried – Björn (to Lena Källersjö) in 1981 and Benny  to Mona in 1982, both marriages remain strong to this day. Agnetha married surgeon Tomas Sonnenfeld in 1990 and divorced in 1993. Frida married Prince Ruzzo Reuss in 1992 after eight years as a couple, which lasted till his death in 1999. 


Are there going to be any ABBA DVD releases this year and any new books released here in the UK.

Helen, UK 



No new UK releases have been announced yet, but it’s only early in the year. Check the New releases page for all the latest news. 


I notice the re-release recently of the Agnetha biography As I Am. My understanding was that Agnetha fell out with the author at the time of writing. Does this mean now that Agnetha endorses the book or is the release beyond her control? Did she try to stop the publication?

Dave, Ireland 



Agnetha and Brita Åhman fell out after the 1999 ABBA documentary The Winner Takes It All – The ABBA Story, when Agnetha read uncredited excerpts from the book as her contribution to the interview portions of the programme. Åhman, as author and copyright holder, was justifiably unhappy at not receiving credit (after the story broke a subtitle referenced the book on the Swedish broadcast of the documentary), which eventually led to the end of their friendship. As far as I know the new release is not endorsed by Agnetha.


How to talk to people on ABBA World? I'm seven years old and I'm an Abba fan.since I'm three years old.




ABBA World has a presence on both Facebook and MySpace where you can chat with other ABBA fans, though at seven years old you should have your parents permission and supervision. 


It's driving me crazy....I listen to 'Move On' and can't figure out who is doing the talking in the first verse. It sounds like Benny's deep voice. I saw a video of Hole in your Soul (and Benny was the deep voice in that). Did Benny do the 'Move On' vocals as well ?

Anne & Kerry



It's Björn talking those lines in the first verse of 'Move On', putting on a deep, American-accented voice. Björn, a baritone, has a deeper singing voice than Benny, a tenor.


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