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February 2010

Can you please provide backing vocal lyrics to 'Chiquitita' and 'What About Livingstone'.

thanks, T


I would like to know if is it possible to find the lyrics of the background vocals in 'Chiquitita'.

Many thanks
Fabrizio, Italy 



Here are those lyrics you are both seeking.


You and I we know
how all the heartaches come and go
and you'll be dancing once again
and all the pain you take will end

Even though you cry
the sun is shining in the sky
so let me hear you sing some more
the way you used to do before

What About Livingstone:

Didn't he do it?
Well didn't he?
Didn't he do it?
Well didn't he?
Didn't he do it?
Well didn't he?
Didn't he do it?
Well didn't he?
Didn't that help them?
Well didn't it?


I would like to know if you are still singing as a group. If so, what is the name and e-mail address of your music agent? If for any reason you are no longer together, then I would be glad if you could tell me Agnetha Faltskog's music agent's name and e-mail address.

Mary, UK



ABBA broke up after their final TV appearances in December 1982. To contact any of the ABBA members see the addresses on the FAQ page.


My husband is a huge fan and I was wondering if there are any U.S. dates set up yet? 

Thanks Mindy USA



ABBA won't be touring as they broke up in 1982 and have declined any offers for a reunion, citing that there are no personal or professional reasons to do so. There are a plethora of tribute acts touring the world, including in the USA. See the Links section Tributes and covers page for links to many, many cover bands. Or are you talking about the ABBAWORLD touring exhibition? Word is that it will travel to New York before the end of this year.


I was wondering if you know the reason why RCA released a CD of 'The Best of ABBA' many moons ago? ...especially as the ABBA revival had not even kicked in by that time. Also, it seemed a bit of a hotch-potch effort, as I remember some of the editing-quality was not good: I haven't played it for at least 20 years (and having moved many times since then, I don't know where my copy is to listen to), but I remember that there was a slight clipping-off on at least one or two of the songs. I think it was just before ABBA's catalogue was sold internationally to Polydor, so maybe it was done as a sort-of 'farewell' to fans (although, that would've been a bit pricey to do as a project for fans only).

Cheers, Tony :o) Australia



The ABBA revival had indeed started as early as 1987, though it wasn't until 1992 that it really exploded. A fan celebration for the 10th anniversary of the Australian tour had garnered some media attention, including a report on Good Morning Australia; regular ABBA nights had started up in Sydney and Melbourne; The 10th Anniversary Special videocassette (Music Show 1+2 repackaged) had been released by Village Roadshow; ABBA - The Movie had revival screenings in cinemas.

RCA probably saw the renewed interest in ABBA and decided to re-release both The Best Of ABBA and Greatest Hits Vol. 2 on CD and LP in 1988, though the Polar/Polydor CD of the latter had been available locally since 1984. Both albums sold around 10,000 copies in both formats, according to information published on ABBA - The Worldwide Chart Lists. The mastering on both CDs was shoddy, cutting the first second or so off several songs. Apparently a later pressing corrected this fault.


It is rumored that the group snag phonetically for years without knowing English. Is this true? This would solve a large debate in my family :D 




No, it is not true though it has been a constant rumour, primarily in America - probably because of the hesitant manner that the girls conducted themselves in interviews in English. However t is true that Frida and Agnetha would annotate lyric sheets with equivalent Swedish pronunciations of some words or syllables.


During the song Super Trouper I notice that Agnetha raises her left arm to full extension at certain points during the song. \Is there something significant about her raising her arm or is this just part of the choreography?

Thank you,
Mike, USA 



A Super Trouper is a large spotlight used to follow performers on stage. Agnetha is simply pointing up in the general direction of the stage lights, though not directly at the spotlight.


I was looking on the internet mainly using Google to find images from the inside cover of Abba Greatest Hits Vol2 (released in 1980 I think). Do you know if those images exist anywhere on the net already? I could only find the front cover. There's one of the group and one of Bjorn Jogging which I was looking for.




You will probably be able to find those photos in the ABBA Gallery on Maggot's Website, which famously includes over 8,500 pictures of ABBA. In the meantime here are small examples of them.

ABBA Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Do you know who we need to contact to obtain permission to record a cover of Gimme Gimme Gimme? Or how one should go about getting recording rights?

Thanks, Dorothy, Sydney Australia



I suggest you contact Universal Music Publishing in Sydney.

3 Munn Reserve
Millers Point
NSW 2000

Phone: (61 2) 9207 0500
Fax: (61 2) 9252 0503


Hi when is the ABBA Voulez-Vous deluxe edition be available to buy here in the UK and what special features will it have?

from Helen in the UK.



Updated 5 March: Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition international release date is 31 May 2010. I expect it will be available in the UK on or around that date. As well as the original 1979 album the CD contains the bonus tracks Summer Night City (full length version), Lovelight, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), Dream World and Voulez-Vous (extended remix). The DVD contains the TV special ABBA in Switzerland, Chiquitita at the Music for Unicef concert, I Have A Dream extended promo, If It Wasn't For The Nights from the Mike Yarwood Christmas Show, alternate clip for Chiquitita, two TV advertisements for Greatest Hits Vol. 2 and an International Sleeve Gallery.


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