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February 2011

in the early/mid 1980s, Australia’s ABC TV had a music-video break before either the 7pm news or Dr Who, called Take Five, and the introduction piece that was played before the video was the mandolin entry to ABBA's 'One of Us'. Needless to say, I love that mandolin piece, but as ABBA were in between the ABBA-mania years and the ABBA-revival years, I was always surprised (yet happy) that it was used. Do you know how many years that segment went for?

Tony, Australia 



If memory serves correctly Take Five started using the introduction to 'One Of Us' in 1982 (alternating with a couple of other tunes on different days). Take Five was played before the main 7 pm news in capital cities, while regional ABC stations had a 5 minutes local news bulletin. These were discontinued in the late 80s, so Take Five was also discontinued.

I remember one time when Take Five opened with the 'One Of Us' music, then played 'One Of Us'!

I'd like to know how to get in touch with Benny and Bjorn to ask for them to endorse a charity event I am running using one of their songs. I have emailed Gorel Hanser, but with no response so far. Any suggestions?

Many thanks,



You could try any of the addresses on the FAQ page.


Could you please tell me whether there is a complete recording/DVD of "The Girl With The Golden Hair" including 'Get On The Carousel'??




There is no complete recording officially released. The only video available are the clips of 'Get On The Carousel' and 'I'm A Marionette' in ABBA - The Movie. Recordings of the full mini-musical taped by audience members at the 1977 concerts abound on bootleg CDs and YouTube. 


The song 'Fernando' tells a story is it based on fiction or history. Please share the background for the material.

thank you,



'Fernando' is not inspired by any particular historical event. Björn has said that he "got this strong vision in my head of two old revolutionaries in Mexico, sitting outdoors one night, reminiscing”.

See the What is that song about? page for more information about the origin of 'Fernando' and many other ABBA songs. 


Were any ABBA songs used in the TV series, The Sopranos?




As far as I can find, no. Here is a list of all known TV shows that have featured ABBA songs.


I'm searching for the contact-address of Benny Andersson. We want to "produce" the song 'Mamma Mia' in German in our Revue  performance, and
I want to ask Benny if I get his approval. So do know the address of Benny or his email or the company where I can start my request,

Best regards,
Claudia, Germany 



You could try any of the contact addresses on the FAQ page. It might be better to contact your local Universal Music Publishing office for permission.


I just started listening to ABBA and I really love them, which is weird for my age considering I'm only 17, but anyways, here's my question! Are there any plans for them getting back together for a tour or something? I live in the US and would LOVE to see them live!

Laryssa, USA



It's always great to hear that younger people are discovering ABBA. You're not alone in becoming an ABBA fan at your age, Laryssa. Despite regular tabloid rumours ABBA will not be getting back together. 


I am wondering if there is a current mailing address for ABBA. Please let me know one way or another, ok?




Check the FAQ page for contact addresses. These are the only contact addresses available. 


When will Super Trouper Deluxe Edition be released here in the UK as I have tried to pre order it but have had no luck.

Helen UK



The international release date is May 9th. At this stage I presume that it will be released in the UK on or around that date. Since the release was just announced within the last week it's probably too soon for pre-orders on any webstores, but no doubt it will be listed soon. 


My Mum, Dad and I went to ABBAWORLD on the 28th of February it was fantastic we loved it. Anyway I heard it was staying until the 1st of May. And we thought we might go again in April. But then I read on the powerhouse website it was closing on the 20th of March. So I was wondering if you could tell me how long its going to be staying open for.

Thanks so much.
Carissa, Australia



There was talk that ABBAWORLD would be extending to 1 May, but at this stage ABBAWORLD is confirmed extended to Sunday March 20th. Further extension is awaiting approval from Touring Exhibitions in Sweden.

UPDATE 14 March: ABBAWORLD has been extended to Sunday June 26th, but no further extension is possible.


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