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February 2012

I was just wondering if there are any plans for Universal Music to release an ABBA Anthology as I think that would be the place to release 'Just Like That', 'Just A Notion' & 'Dancing Queen (full version with extra verse included)'.
Frida's 1982 album 'Something's Going On' is 30 years old in 2012 and are ther any plans for a re-release with 'Shot Down In Action' as a bonus track.
Do you know if the medley 'From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel' will include 'Another Morning Without You' and who made the decision to release it and does that mean that more unreleased material in the vaults could be released in the near the future.
Now that 'The Visitors Deluxe Edition' has been announced and is due for release on 23rd April 2012 there is still time for 'Just Like That' to be included and is it a possibility.
I know that Il Divo sang 'Todo Al Ganado' (Spanish version of The Winner Takes It All) as I read that ABBA recorded a Spanish version of 'The Winner Takes It All' in 1980 but never released it do you know if its true also was a version of Waterloo recorded in Spanish.

Adam, United Kingdom



Knowing Benny and Björn's attitude to unreleased material an "ABBA Anthology" of unreleased tracks seems unlikely. Though I've always thought if we hadn't already gotten the unreleased material on Thank You For The Music box in 1994, they may have been inspired by the success of The Beatles Anthology series in 1995/96 and perhaps authorised something similar.
No, there are no plans to re-release Something's Going On The 2005 remaster will remain the "definitive" version..
As recently announced 'From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel' will indeed include 'Another Morning Without You'. Benny himself had the idea to put the medley together, to show the development of the song. Yes, he's contradicting his long-held principles on not releasing unreleased material. See here for more information.
It is too late to change the tracklist for The Visitors Deluxe Edition. Once the tracklist has been announced everything has been finalised.
There has long been a theory that ABBA planned a Spanish version of 'The Winner Takes It All', as the Spanish title of the English recording on the Super Trouper sleeve in Spanish-speaking countries was not a direct translation of the English title. But there is no evidence ABBA ever had plans to record a Spanish version. ABBA were scheduled to record 'Waterloo' in Spanish in May 1974, but apparently it never happened. 


I just read the news about the final deluxe version, and although I really don't want to come across as being such a moaning git, I just don't understand some of the listing of DVD2. Just wondered whether you'd be kind enough to throw some light on the track listing.
The two Dick Cavett performances are previously available on The Complete Studio Recording boxed set, why include these two tracks again? Yes I appreciate they are relevant to The Visitors, but hey...bit of a waste of disc space.
I would have thought the German performances of TDBYC and Under Attack would have been included as these, in my own view, are excellent performances, especially with the false ending.
Even though we are receiving a demo of Like An Angel, that's great - but I was really hoping for these two German performances.
And why do we need the promo for WAISAD again? Or is this something different to what we see on the previous ABBA DVD's?

Simon, UK



The two songs from Dick Cavett Meets ABBA ('Two For The Price Of One' and 'Slipping Through My Fingers') are obvious inclusions, as those two songs are from The Visitors album. Though they were included with the five songs from that special in The Complete Studio Recordings box set they have otherwise not been commercially released.
I don't know why the three songs from Show Express in November 1982 ('The Day Before You Came', 'Cassandra' and 'Under Attack') are not included, but I assume it would be something to do with licensing agreements. 'Under Attack' was performed, with the "cold ending" on Nöjesmaskinen, which is included on the DVD - in stereo!
The promo clip of 'When All Is Said And Done' will include the original soundtrack, with a slightly different Frida vocal, most obvious during the final line "there's no hurry anymore when all is said and done", in stereo. All video releases since the VHS More ABBA Gold in 1993 have had the album version overdubbed, while earlier VHS releases were in mono.

I have tried everywhere to buy this album Kom följ med i vår karusell Agnetha & Christian's album from 1987, its not available on Amazon, E Bay,, ABBAfanclubshop or ABBA site I have been trying to get it for years can you help me out.

Adam, United Kingdom.



It seems Kom följ med i vår karusell, and its reissued version Guldkorn, is no longer available anywhere. It's not listed on any Swedish webstores either. You might get lucky and find a second hand copy appears on eBay or a collectors site like some time.


Last night, when I was enjoying 1994's 'ABBA Undeleted', I remembered reading online a few years ago, that there was an English translation (somewhere) of what A, B, B and A are saying in between the edited songs; but when I originally read about this, I was very busy studying full-time, so I never had the chance to look up the translation. Do you know where I might find that, or any other good translation?

Cheers for now, Tony, Australia



You'll find that right here. 


Just curious -- did Bjorn ever smoke? Sure would be odd for the times, but I don't think I've ever seen a picture of him with a cigarette.

Randy, USA 



He did indeed. All four members of ABBA smoked back then. Both Björn and Frida managed to avoid being photographed smoking - I've only seen a couple of photos of Björn with a cigarette.


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