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February 2013

I saw a video a few years back of an ABBA track where Frida exits a hotel door onto the street (up some steps) and as she comes out she almost slips over due to the ice and slush around.....can you please tell me the song the video belongs to??'s driving me mad!




That video is 'Head Over Heels', the second single from ABBA's final album, The Visitors, which was released in March 1982. Here you can see the clip - that part you describe appears at about 58 seconds in.


It is said in ABBA books that Benny and Bjorn could not write musical notes on music paper. So how could they retain the melody they had composed? Ulf Andersson said that for 'I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do', when he arrived in the studio, he needed to bring with him music sheets. Benny played the tune from his memory on the piano and Ulf wrote down the notes on the sheets. So without writing down the notes on music paper, how could Benny and Bjorn retain the melody for some time? Did they just rely on their memory all the time? What if they composed the melody, remembered it for one day and forgot it the next day?

Thank you and Regards,
Andy, Vietnam



Benny and Björn have often said that when writing songs, they knew a melody was good when it was memorable and stuck in their heads. It's quite likely they recorded their songwriting sessions on cassette for future reference.


Are there any audio recordings available of the live version of 'I'm A Marionette'? I know it is in ABBA The Movie, but are there any studio versions? I enjoy the live version much more than the studio version!




No, the live recording of 'I'm A Marionette' has not been released on any audio format. The studio recording is the last track on ABBA - The Album.


Sometime in the 1980s I heard a beautiful song on the radio. To me it sounded like some Asian language. I recorded it but eventually lost the recording. Today I found out this song was actually a remake of an ABBA song, which I did not know before. 'Al andar' and 'Move on' are wonderful!
Only I still wish to discover the "Asian" version of it. If I remember correctly, the same female singer also performed "Honey, honey". She has a rather high-pitched voice and the song might be sung somewhat faster than the original. The type of music appears to be Indian or Hindu.
Perhaps you are able to identify the song I have described above. If so, I would be glad to be informed about it.

Sincerely yours,
Robert ,The Netherlands



My first thought was that it was on the album Salma & Sabina Agha Sing The Hits Of Abba In Hindi, an album recorded by two sisters in 1981. This album includes eight ABBA covers in Hindi, including 'Honey, Honey', but it does not feature 'Move On'. You can hear samples from the album here.
I've searched but I can't find any sign of a Hindi or other Asian language cover of 'Move On'. Maybe a reader knows about this version and can provide information.


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