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February 2015

Do you know if the lyrics to Benny’s wonderful ‘Saknadens rum’ and ‘Kärlekens tid’ (as sung by Helen Sjöholm, and choir for ‘Kärlekens tid’) are essentially the same as the English translation to ‘Give Me My Song’ (as sung by Bryn Terfel and Nina Stemme)? For the Swedish titles, Google-translate gave me the following:
- ‘Saknaden’ (could not get a translation for the plural ‘Saknadens’), = ‘The Missing’ / ‘Rum’ = ‘Room’ / ‘Saknaden rum’ = ‘missing place’ / ‘Saknades rum’ = ‘The absence room’.
- ‘Kärlekens tid’ = ‘Love time’
...all of which imply that the original Swedish lyrics may indeed be different to what the English lyrics for ‘Give Me My Song’ are.

Thanks a lot, and cheers for now,
Tony, Australia



As far as I can tell from reading the Swedish lyrics and listening to 'Give Me My Song', it appears that the lyrics have similar themes, but are not identical.
The opening lines (thanks to Google Translate) are
"The song, the song that sang me
and all the weight that once bore me
the quiet hours that gave me freedom
where are they now, who sees them


Why are Agnetha and Frida yodeling at the end of People Need Love?

Augusto, Paraguay



Simply because when ABBA were recording the song, Agnetha and Frida suggested it would be something fun to do to fill that section of the song.


Is Jens Ekengren the son in law from Agnetha and Björn or is there daughter Linda engaged with him?




I believe that Linda and Jens have been engaged for many years, but are not yet married.


I have wanted to see the 1983 compilation album 'Thank You For The Music' released on CD for several years and I think Universal Music should finally put this album on CD, how come it was never released on CD back in 1983.
Are any more Deluxe Editions planned and are there any plans to re-release The Singles: The First Ten Years & Greatest Hits Vol 2 in the style of the 2006 Greatest Hits album as it would be nice to see those albums get a makeover.
I was disappointed that The Singles boxset wasn't released on CD are there any plans for that it would be nice.
One of my long term goals is to travel to the ABBA Museum in Sweden how would I book a trip to the Museum from the UK.

Many thanks
Adam, United Kingdom. 



I doubt the UK compilation Thank You For The Music will ever appear on CD. It was compiled by Epic Records (now part of Sony Music), and though Universal Music owns the music, Epic owns the copyright on the artwork and the album. It wasn't released on CD in 1983 because (1) there were only two CD plants in the world, one in West Germany printing CDs for PolyGram and Warner Bros, and one in Japan printing CDs for CBS and RCA, and (2) the UK was slow on the uptake with CDs, which didn't really take off there until 1985 or so.
Now that we have ABBA's eight studio albums in Deluxe Editions (Waterloo twice), plus Gracias Por La Música, I don't see that we'll get any more Deluxe Editions. There's no point in re-releasing Greatest Hits Vol. 2 and The Singles - The First Ten Years - they've both been superceded by ABBA Gold, Number Ones, The Definitive Collection, The Essential Collection, and many other compilations. Greatest Hits was re-released as a limited 30th anniversary edition because it was quite an iconic album, being ABBA's first major international success album, though in most countries it was in a different format to the Polar album.
I'm not aware of any plans to release last year's The Singles box set on CD. It was a one-off commemoration for ABBA's 40th anniversary year.
I'm sure there are many travel sites, or local travel agents, who can assist you with travel plans to Sweden. Tickets for ABBA The Museum are available from their website.


When and where were the videos for 'When I Kissed the Teache', 'My Love, My Life' and 'Tige'r were filmed? Also can you tell me the order in which those videos were filmed and I’d like to know if you the day the videos for 'Waterloo' and 'Ring Ring' were filmed? One more thing, it says on some sites that the version for the 'Ring Ring' video is the single version remix but on YouTube it is clearly the US remix, was this a mistake or was the US remix always used, if it was a mistake, was it intentional or not?

Augusto, Paraguay



''When I Kissed The Teacher', 'My Love, My Life' and 'Tiger' were filmed probably in September 1976, for the TV special ABBA-dabba-doo!!. I don't know the exact date or location, but they were all filmed in Stockholm. 'Waterloo' and 'Ring Ring' were filmed on the same day in June 1974. The 'Ring Ring' clip originally had the single version remix. On the first pressing of the DVD The Definitive Collection, it had been overdubbed with the US remix, but was corrected on later copies.

Check the fabulous website ABBA on TV for more information about all of ABBA's videos and TV appearances.



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