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February 2018

I'm a HUGE ABBA fan so I would like to ask a few questions.
1.Will ABBA be back recording new stuff?
2.Will they release a rarities album including all unreleased 'gems' from their last recordings or at least old recordings?

Thank you
Rico, The Philippines



It's extremely unlikely that we'll see ABBA together recording new material. All four have said there is no reason to reunite. There are expectant rumours with both the upcoming Mamma Mia! film sequel due to open in July 2018and ABBA hologram/digital performance expected to open in 2019 that ABBA could record new material, but that's probably wishful thinking. There is no indication that either is likely.
It's also unlikely that ABBA will release a rarities album of unreleased material. Though they've surprised us in the past with some unreleased material, mostly on the box set Thank You For The Music in 1994, these days Benny and Björn are adamant that "there is nothing left to release".


I am an Italian woman and I grew up with ABBA music as my brother and my father were great fans. As they passed away :( I stopped listening but now (after 7 years) I am kind of starting again :) (I still remember most of the songs very well)
I would like to know as much as it possible about 'Suzy-Hang-Around' from the Waterloo album . I know the lyrics and I would like to know why they wrote it: what did they mean with it, was it related to some episode in their lives?

Thanks a lot
Chiara, Italy



I don't know if there is any particular incident that inspired the lyric of 'Suzy-Hang-Around'. It is one of the few ABBA songs with lyrics written by Benny. It's interesting to note that this song and 'Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother' on Ring Ring, for which Benny also wrote the lyrics, both deal with childhood memories of boys and girls playing together. Benny's sister Eva -Lis is two years younger than him, so perhaps memories of their growing up influenced the lyrics of both songs.


Was there a plan in the seemingly blanket release in Australia of three singles from the album Wrap Your Arms Around Me, namely 'The Heat is On'; 'Can't Shake Loose' and 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me' - all by Agnetha Fältskog.
At that time I was only aware of the release of the single 'Can't Shake Loose' which appeared in our local record stores and charted in Queensland as high as #32 - much lower nationally. Until recently I wasn't aware the other two singles were even released. I also recall 'Can't Shake Loose' being shown on Countdown in 1983 and played a few times on our local radio.
Interested to know what was going on with RCA and all those single releases.

Ross, Australia 



'Can't Shake Loose' was released first, in June 1983. The clip was indeed shown on Countdown, on their Saturday requests show. The single peaked at 76. 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me' was released in September and didn't make the singles chart. 'The Heat Is On' was released in November, and also didn't chart. The break between 'Can't Shake Loose' and 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me' was fairly standard.
The catalogue numbers indicate that 'The Heat Is On' was scheduled to be released first. It appears that RCA then selected 'Can't Shake Loose' as the lead single instead, probably as it had the same rock vibe as Frida's 'I Know There's Something Going On', which had been a number 5 hit in November 1982. Indeed, both songs were written by the same writer, Russ Ballard. Probably because RCA had already prepared 'The Heat Is On' single, they threw it out on the market at the end of the year. 'Can't Shake Loose' and 'The Heat Is On' also shared the same sleeve image and B side song, Agnetha's self-composition 'Man'.


In July 2017 I addressed this question for Wolgang from Germany:

Is this right? That Frida has sings vocals by the 12" version from Mauro Scocco Song 'Vem är han' 1988--5:04 M. I have never hear about this song ? Thank you for the answer !

At the time I had never heard the song. In fact I'd never heard of the song. Recently (thanks to my friend Paul) I got to hear this song. Frida does indeed appear on the recording, but it is just a sample of her vocal from the chorus of her duet with Ratata, 'Så länge vi har varann'. Frida can be heard just once, singing the final part of the chorus. Her vocal has been treated to raise the pitch and sounds like it has had some electronic alterations as well.


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