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February 2019

Is there a list of songs that shows where Benny used his Mellotron in ABBA's songs; and/or do you know what was the last song that Benny used the Mellotron? 

Thank you,
Tony, Australia.



According to the book ABBA – The Complete Recording Sessions, Benny played the mellotron on ‘Another Town, Another Train’, ‘Ring Ring’, Hasta Mañana’, ‘Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)’, and ‘Gonna Sing You My Lovesong’. He never used a mellotron on an ABBA recording after that.


In 'Inga Theme', do you know if a Theremin was used in its melody? (It's that soft spooky sound, which is usually made with a Theremin, and can be frequently heard in old 'spooky' movies).

Thank you,
Tony, Australia.



I’m not sure what that instrument is on ‘Inga Theme’, most clearly heard between 0.05-0.21. I'd guess it's an electric organ. The notes do fade in and out, but each note is distinct, rather than sliding between notes as the melody would if it was played on a theremin or similar instrument.


In ABBA: The Official Photo Book, there are a few images for the ‘Voulez Vous’ performance from 300 Millones (Spain) at a page that isn't 1979. The weird thing is, they have a ‘2Shaymcn’ watermark. While a ‘Chiquitita’ performance from the same show was included on the Gracias Por La Musica Deluxe Edition, it seems something's going on.

Love Aaron, Australia



ABBA performed ‘I Have A Dream’, ‘Does Your Mother Know’, and ‘Voulez-Vous’ in English, and ‘Chiquitita’ in Spanish. The Gracias Por La Música Deluxe Edition only included Spanish-language TV performances. The screen shots in ABBA – The Official Photo Book are clearly taken from that YouTube channel.


Can you please tell me what the backing lyrics are to “When I Kissed The Teacher’?




The lyric behind the chorus is “wanna hug him, wanna kiss him wanna kiss him, I wanna hug him, wanna kiss him wanna kiss him…” etc, with some wordless “ooo”s thrown in the mix. During the coda, the lyrics is “I wanna hug hug hug him, I wanna hug hug him”. 


Just wondering if you have a whisper of any sort of commemorative issue for the Voulez-Vous LP from Universal Music? Also, any news on an official release date for the 2 new songs?

Mike, Vancouver, Canada



As yet there’s no firm news. I anticipate that Polar/Universal Music will follow the pattern of previous two albums’ 40th anniversaries, and we’ll get a half-speed mastered LP, plus picture disc singles, and a box set of coloured-vinyl singles. If it’s to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Voulez-Vous’s release in April, I expect an announcement very soon.
A couple of weeks ago French retailer FNAC, and also the French Amazon site, posted links to order 7 individual singles – ‘Summer Night City’, ‘Chiquitita’, ‘Does Your Mother Know’, two different issues of ‘Voulez-Vous’, ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)’, and ‘I Have A Dream’ – plus two box sets, one of which appeared to contain 7-inch singles, the other 12-inch singles, with a release date of 19 April 2019. Most of these links have now been removed.
As for the two new ABBA songs, see below.


I had a question please about the new music ABBA that was reported to have been made in 2018. I read an article they would release the songs December 2018 and there would be a BBC special but I don't recall ever hearing more or seen anything on the BBC channel about it unless I missed it? Was the story false or did they actually record and release new music?

Many thanks.
Larry T



When the two new ABBA songs, 'I Still Have Faith In You' and 'Don't Shut Me Down', were announced at the end of April 2018, the plan was for an all-star tribute TV show, ABBA: Thank You For The Music, co-produced by the BBC and American network NBC, for worldwide broadcast in December 2018. The programme was also to introduce the "ABBAtars", digital representations of the four ABBA members, who would have "performed" 'I Still Have Faith In You', which presumably would have been released, at least digitally, soon after the broadcast. In 2019 the ABBAtars would go on tour, performing with a live band. Both songs would be part of the concert, and also released in some form.
However, apparently the company creating the ABBAtars was in the process of being taken over by another company, causing a delay in finishing the project. As a result, that TV show was cancelled, the tour and the release of the songs postponed indefinitely.
The songs will still be released at some time, probably when the tour is announced or opens, which is expected somtime this year (probably after the northern summer). Another TV documentary produced by the BBC, ABBA: Let The Music Speak, about the creation of the ABBAtars and the news songs, has been announced for broadcast later this year, presumably when the songs are released or the ABBAtar tour opens.
Thanks for the compliments, Larry.


I will ask you if you know which last single of ABBA was a golden single in British Charts. I have two titles: ‘Under Attack’ and ‘The Day Before You Came’. But I'm not sure...perhaps it is another single.

Thank you.
Best regards,



The last acknowledged gold single (500,000 copies shipped) in the UK was ‘One Of Us’ in 1982.


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