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February 2020

In the song 'The Piper' what does "sub luna saltamus" mean in English?

Helen, UK



It's Latin, and it means "we dance beneath the moon"


Is the covers of the ABBA albums in Israel is different from the covers from the other countries? (i'm asking this because i couldn't find any of the israeli covers on the internet)

Yair, Israel



In Israel ABBA records were released on Epic Records, like the UK, and were mostly packaged the same as the UK and Ireland. But there were a few differences. The ABBA LP sleeve was the same as the UK version, with a yellow border not used anywhere else in the world. Greatest Hits had the photo of ABBA standing under a glowing Autumn tree on the front cover - elsewhere this image was inside the gatefold. Waterloo, issued in 1976, had a 1976 photo on the front, while the back of the sleeve the regular Waterloo LP sleeve, but in black and white. Arrival (not shown here) had the same front cover as the rest of the world, but the back was simply black with the song lyrics in white. ABBA - The Album had a creamy yellow background, rather than white. Greatest Hits Vol. 2 had a hype panel in Hebrew on the front cover. Finally, ABBA Live in 1986 had Hebrew text below the title.

ABBA LP UK ABBA Greatest Hits LP Israel 1976 Waterloo LP Israel 1976
ABBA - The Album LP Israel ABBA Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Israel 1979 ABBA Live LP Israel 1986

I've heard on a few sites (including bloody Wikipedia) that 'King Kong Song' was reissued in 1977 by RCA to capitalise on the King Kong movie that recently comes out, but however it flopped. The following isn't true: 'I've Been Waiting For You' was reissued as Australian Tour souvenir that year, and it wasn't flipped. However, in New Zealand it randomly hit the top 5 that year.
Also, a funny NZ pre-RCA issue to sneak out is the original issue of 'He Is Your Brother', credited to "Bjorn And Benny (Produced by Agnetha and Anni-Frid")!

Aaron, Australia



'I've Been Waiting For You' wasn't reissued as an Australian tour souvenir as such. Apparently, it just happened to be repressed with the new label featuring the ABBA logo around that time. However, it was the first issue of the single in New Zealand. The B-side, 'King Kong Song', got quite a bit of radio airplay as the movie remake was screening in cinemas - the film opened on 30 December 1976, but in those days, films did not have wide release on the same day in every cinema across the country as they do now, and might not open in some towns until weeks or months later (I recall seeing the film in Canberra during a cooler time of year, not during the summer holidays in January, and I remember hearing 'King Kong Song' quite a bit on the radio too). 'King Kong Song' charted in Australia for three weeks, 14-28 March, peaking at 94.
There are some strange credits on early Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid singles, and that New Zealand 'He Is Your Brother' single is probably the strangest! Incidentally, New Zealand was the only country outside Scandinavia to release that single (the listing for a US single on Discogs is fake).


Can you remind me of the reason why and who edited 'Lovelight' and where was it edited please?

Simon , UK




Sorry Simon, that's something that just isn't known. The West German Polydor single in 1979 faded the song early, reducing it to 3.32. The alternate edited mix that first appeared on More ABBA Gold in 1993, is presumably an alternate mix from 1978 that was incorrectly selected and included on the CD.


In the lyrics of 'Monsieur, Monsieur' (Demo of My Love, My Life), i thought that the end of the line "We walked and..." was "We walked the Elysees", But i was thinking wrong, can you help me with this lyrics?Link to the song:

Yair, Israel



I think you may be right, Yair, though it's hard to hear under the dialogue, but it does rhyme with "away" in the next line.


Is there anymore news on I Stand Alone being given the expanded treatment, or is there a reason on its delay?
Also, is it still a firm no on the 1977 tour on being released on CD?

Simon, UK



Everything seems to have gone quiet on the reissue of I Stand Alone. Last I heard it was still on the cards, but was delayed for unspecified reasons.
Apparently yes, it's still a firm no on releasing a live album of the 1977 tour. A pity, as many fans prefer it to the 1979 tour.


I have a feeling the ABBA Gold version of 'Lay All Your Love On Me' is a new edit. From what I've made out, the album version has the song audio disappear while the applause starts, during the last "Don't go wasting your emotions". Because of how "anglocentric" Gold was, it seems to end at the same note the UK single edit does, just a repeated chorus later.

- Aaron, Australia



The songs on ABBA Gold were taken from the original stereo master tapes of each individual song (as were the songs on the 1997/2001 ABBA CD reissues), so 'Lay All Your Love On Me' would have been the original mix, before the audience sound was overdubbed on the album master tape. Listen to the final chorus repeat as the song fades (the last 12-13 seconds of the song, depending on the source) - the melody Benny plays over the top of the chorus is very different in that last repeat. It's been a long time since I've heard it, but as I recall all the 1981 single releases faded before the applause started, as they had been copied from the album master.


What is the setlist of the musical ABBAcadabra (the English version)?

Yair, Israel



According to Wikipedia, the songs were:

Another World (Take A Chance On Me)
Battle of The Brooms (Money, Money, Money)
I Am The Seeker (new song)
I Can Pull Some Strings (The Piper)
Going Going Gone (On and On and On)
Making Magic (Super Trouper)
When Dreamers Close Their Eyes (Like An Angel Passing Through My Room)
Belonging (I Let The Music Speak)
Back Home Now (Fernando)
Carabosse Supershow (Dancing Queen)
Think Of Something Fast (I'm A Marionette)
Time (Arrival)
Like An Image Passing By (My Love, My Life)
Thank You For The Magic (Thank You For The Music)

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