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January 2010

I have my original 1977 ABBA Ticket to the ABBA live concert in Sydney Myer Music Bowl. It is fully signed by all band members. I was wondering, what the value would be of this item ? If any.

Janine, Australia 



The autographs were printed on the back of all tickets as a security measure (and a nice souvenir), they weren't signed by the ABBA members themselves. So your ticket doesn't have value as an autographed item, but it would have some value as a piece of rare memorabilia - just how much I couldn't begin to guess as concert tickets aren't something that comes on the market very often.


I have ABBA in Switzerland on VHS, (the one where Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music & Kate Bush) appeared on the show, and was wondering if you know of them having any plans to release this on DVD. Also did ABBA only do 3 TV specials

Harry, UK 



As far as I know there are no plans to release ABBA in Switzerland on DVD yet, though with the success of ABBA in Japan hopefully we will get more ABBA TV special DVDs. ABBA in Switzerland would also make an ideal inclusion on a Deluxe Version of Voulez-Vous, as it previewed five of the songs on the album.


Would you be kind to tell me the movie title ,once I saw, and the play was about the Second World war, whereby the German soldiers were in Denmark, and a love affair took place about the end of the war between a German soldier and a Danish lady. As a result the child was born who become later in Sweden one of the ABBA group members. Later the Father of Her was mentioned as a married man in Germany, but what happened after I don't know? In any case I would like to see the movie again, if I could find it by the title.

Nicholas, Canada



There is no such movie about Frida's life, but there was a History Channel documentary entitled Norway's Nazi Secret, which documented the enforced fertilisation of Norwegian women by German soldiers. This documentary included a recreation of the circumstances of Frida's parents meeting and her birth.


I was searching around and is it correct in saying that in Australia Agnetha's singles from My Colouring Book were never released here?

Trudy, Australia



That's right Trudy, no singles from My Colouring Book were released in Australia.


I have 8mm film footage of ABBA performing in Melbourne Australia in the late 70ís. Itís not very long and has no sound. Would it be worth much?




It might be worth a bit to a collector, but I'm not sure how much. There is quite a bit of similar footage on YouTube these days which devalues it a lot.


Did ABBA ever perform 'You Owe Me One', 'Should I Laugh or Cry' or 'King Kong Song' on any TV shows in the world? I remember reading that Benny isn't keen on  'You Owe Me One' and 'King Kong Song' (which I think is a pity), but I've always wondered all the same. For some reason, I've always imagined a fun send-up 60s beach party scenario with 'You Owe Me One'. As for 'Should I Laugh Or Cry', I've always thought that the lyric's imagery combined with Frida's vocal acrobats in this great song could have led to a very interesting (and/or fun) visual interpretation. By the way... I feel like I'm the only one in the world who likes 'You Owe Me One' ;o)  Ian... do you like this song?

Cheers, Tony, Australia :o) 



No, ABBA never performed those songs on television. 'King Kong Song' was performed on ABBA's tours of Europe and Scandinavia in 1974 and 1975, but never captured on film. I don't recall ever hearing that Benny wasn't keen on 'King Kong Song', but I believe it's because he dislikes 'You Owe Me One' that it wasn't included on the 2001 remaster of The Visitors. Personally, I love 'You Owe Me One'. It's a fun song from a time when there wasn't much fun coming from ABBA, and it contains one of my favourite lyrical couplets "buy me a ticket I'll go to the Bahamas/I need a rest from our petty little dramas". In fact, I requested 'You Owe Me One'  a few weeks ago on the weekly ABBA radio show! (listen every Sunday 5-6 pm Australian eastern time here)


Can you please tell me if ABBA in America will be released in Canada or do I have to order it from the publisher

Thanks, Brent, Canada 



It appears ABBA in America may be available locally for you in June. It's listed on Amazon's Canadian site with a local distributer and a June 3 2010 release date. However Premium Publishing's own website announces that the English version of the book is a limited edition of 2,500 copies, so I would suggest trying to get it as quickly as possible.


David Dale has a new book out on Australia. He fails to mention the BEST OF ABBA selling a million copies in 1976, or Fernando being the most successful single ever !! Any ideas why there are these glaring omissions?

Geoff, Australia



It seems that Dale's writing on pop culture limits its use of statistics is limited to recent sources only. In a previous book The 100 Things We Loved About The 20th Century he wrote of The Best Of ABBA's sales of 1.2 million and the Guinness Book Of Records claim that it was the biggest selling album ever in Australia, but disputed this fact in favour of other albums, only one of which has documented claim of sales over 1 million. In his Sydney Morning Herald columns on top selling music, highest rating TV, etc, he relies on data from ARIA and OzTAM, but not from organisations that existed before them.


I heard on The ABBA Radio show yesterday that the ABBAWORLD Exhibition is going to open in Melbourne in May. I was just wondering do you know if it is also going to Sydney as well?.

Kind regards Carissa, Australia


Can you tell me when ABBAWORLD will be in Melbourne on its tour? It was in the Herald Sun today 28/01/10 about it coming to Melbourne and my wife wants to go 

Trevor, Australia


Yes, ABBAWORLD is planned to open in Melbourne in May. The exact date and venue have yet to be announced. I believe the exhibition will only visit Melbourne.

I recommend to any Australian fans who want to keep up-to-date with local ABBA news subscribe to my OzABBA newsletter.


I am an ABBA fan, and ! was searching on the net about ABBA members, and I would like so much you to tell me please if the ABBA members are alive and well, I really hope so , badly! I love them all very much!!

Hugo Josť, Brazil



Yes Hugo, all four former ABBA members are alive and well.


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