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January 2013

Around September 2011, I saw in the Fnac near me (the CD shop) all the ABBA albums on Deluxe Edition (Arrival, The Album, V-V and ST), all in the traditional format, i.e. with the solid plastic cover which surrounds the CD box, and in which says "deluxe edition" on the front and on the top. They disappeared for a while, and then since summer, I have started seeing them all again, but with the new cheaper design (except for the new The Visitors and the ABBA album, which were released with the plastic cover). I found them elsewhere with the original package, and bought them. But I have never found the Super Trouper Deluxe Edition as the rest. The other day, searching on blogs, I heard this album does not exist like the other ones; it was directly released in this new cheap way, like in the following image. Is this true? When I saw them in Sept. 2011, is it imposible that the ST D.E. was like the others (I don't remember!)? Or does it exist, but I cannot find it?In this image, you can appreciate the Deluxe Edition sticker on the cover, instead of the format in which I am looking for it:

Thank you for solving my doubt.
Roberto, Spain 



Around 2011 Universal Music changed the packaging of their Deluxe Edition CD sets. They replaced the plastic sleeve that had been in use for many years with a wrap-around sticker, probably as a cost-saving measure. I have seen many Universal Music Deluxe Editions released since 2011 in this style, including Derek and the Dominoes' Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (2011) and the Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols (2012). Copies of Arrival, ABBA - The Album and Voulez-Vous manufactured since 2011 had the sticker instead of the plastic sleeve.

Universal Music Sweden tracked down the last remaining plastic sleeves and used them for the first editions of The Visitors and ABBA Deluxe Editions in 2012. Since then The Visitors Deluxe has been repackaged in a regular plastic jewel case, with a Deluxe Editon sticker on the front.

So no, Super Trouper Deluxe Edition does not exist in the plastic sleeve.

I have a 3rd March 1977 ticket to ABBA and was curious if all tickets had autographs on the back, as it is hard to say if they are printed or signed?




All Australian concert tickets had the ABBA autographs printed on the back, as a combination souvenir and security measure.


Would you happen to know please what the short phrase sung between "somewhere else instead" and "one of us is lonely" is please. It appears 3 times in the song, but is not very clear and isn't listed at all in your lyrics?

Kind regards



Those lyrics are "she is shaking with a heart that's breaking".


I have been trying to find the guitar chords of the wonderful song wrap your arms around me performed by Agnetha, but I havenīt had success. Do you know if it has been published on any place?

Thank you so much
Rodrigo, Chile 



I've never seen sheet music for Agnetha's album Wrap Your Arms Around Me or any of the songs from it. I've searched the internet, but no luck I'm sorry.


Frida's hair used to be brunette during ABBA years. Around 1986-1987, it was so white. Then it was dark again. Since 2001, her hair has been white again, most of the time. Did she dye it white or it just grew white naturally with her aging?

Andy, Vietnam 



After the relative failure of her Shine album in 1984 Frida decided to retire from public life. Part of that retirement was to strip her hair to pure white, to change her look so she did not look like "ABBA Frida". Over the last decade or so she has been a fair blonde. It looks like she is colouring her hair blonde to lessen the impact of naturally whitening hair.


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