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January 2014

Regarding the names Sam, Annie, Jerry and Sue in 'Hole In Your Soul', I know that they were staff who worked at ABBA's American label: 'Atlantic', but do you know if it was a directive of Stig to have these names in the song, or did Björn chose to write them in?

Cheers,Tony, Australia.



I don't think Stig had any influence on Björn's lyrics, though they may have discussed that it would be fun to name check some real friends and associates. By 1977 Stig's only contribution was to the song titles 'The Name Of The Game' and 'Move On'.


Do you know if these Spanish songs La Ultima Vez & Yo No Fui (Quien Dijo Adios) were ever released on CD. I know that they would appear on a remastered version of 'I Stand Alone' but I just wanted to know if they are available on CD also are there any plans to re-release Agnetha & Frida's post ABBA solo albums

Adam, United Kingdom 



As far as I know those two Spanish recordings have never been released on CD. Agnetha's and Frida's three Polar solo albums each were remastered and re-released with bonus tracks in 2005. I don't imagine we'll get new re-masters of any of the girls' solo albums, especially Agnetha's two under-performing Warner Music albums, I Stand Alone (1987) and My Colouring Book (2004).

Do you own or have you heard the “From ABBA With Love” compilation CD? If so, I was wondering if you could tell me what the quality is of the single edits for “To Turn The Stone” and “Wrap Your Arms Around Me”?
I have been searching for these on CD, but have read that this compilation CD contains tracks from many different sources and that the quality is inconsistent. Do you know where these two tracks were sourced from and whether there are better quality versions available elsewhere? (I have the original vinyl singles of these songs.)

Kind regards,
Phil, Australia



I do have that CD, but I haven 't played it in many years. The masters are probably the same as other ABBA CDs released by PolyGram in the 1980s, using the tapes held by Polydor in West Germany. The only other CDs that contain these edits that I'm aware of are the West German CD I Love ABBA (1984), which features 'To Turn The Stone', and the Dutch CD Love Song (1989), which includes 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me'.


1) For what specific reasons did Agnetha add the 'h' to her name? Her birth name is spelt 'Agneta', but I have read that she added the 'h' to her name for her career. Why was that?
2) I read once on ABBA's official website that after having given birth to her son Christian, Agnetha wrote a letter thanking fans for the various gifts they had sent her for the baby in the official ABBA magazine, I believe in 1978. What exact issue was this in?

Clare, Canada 



It's not really clear when Agnetha added the 'h' to her name. There have been many conflicting stories. What is clear is that the 'h' was added before she joined Bernt Enghardt's Orchestra, at the very start of her professional music career, when she replaced another singer named Agneta.
Agnetha thanked fans for sending gifts on the birth of her and Björn's son Christian in issue number 2 of the ABBA Magazine, published in early 1978. I'm not sure exactly when that issue came out, it didn't become a monthly until issue number 3.

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