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January 2016

Supposedly, Benny and Bjorn's 1989 song 'The Conducator' was part a mini musical called "For Doinea Cornea" at a concert . The musical may have had three songs (it's not clear who wrote those songs). Any idea what the other songs titles were?

John, USA



I'm sorry John, but I don't. After months of research, all I've found is some discussion several years ago on a defunct ABBA group that mentioned that the 'The Conducator' was part of a 20-minuite suite that had been performed in concert just once, but not what the other songs were. 'The Conducator' is the only song to be released, on Benny Andersson's November 1989 album, and a World Youth Choir CD released by EMI Svenska in 1990.
If there is anyone out there who knows more, please contact me so that I can update the answer.


Regarding the Frida and Agnetha perfumes that were once available, were they sold in Australia, do you know who made the perfumes, did Frida and Agnetha get to choose the actual fragrances, and would you be able to give a description of what the perfumes smelt like? 
Regarding the original ABBA dolls, were they ever officially available in Australia (I only ever saw them in a London toy store [Hamley's] during a holiday to the UK in 1979 or 1980)?

Tack så mycket,
Tony, Australia.



The perfumes, soap and dolls were not available in Australia -they were UK licenced merchandise. I doubt that Agnetha and Frida had any input into the fragrances - they were cheap, almost regarded as a toy, unlike today's celebrity-endorsed perfumes.


Could you please let me know if there is/was any truth in Frida writing her autobiography (hopefully, “yes”), and if so, if there’s a possible time-frame for its release (also, is it just a co-incidence that she’s writing it, or did her boyfriend – heir to the WH Smith bookshop empire – hint for her to do one? –LOL!)
Also, the Spanish home that currently Frida owns, as is seen in the recent ‘Vänligen Lars Lerin’ interview, is that a different home as to the one that’s seen in her ‘Djupa Andetag’ documentary, as I thought she had auctioned/sold that one off a few years ago, or did she decide to keep it?

Thank you Ian, and cheers for now,
Tony, Australia.



Frida has said that she has been writing about her life, and also stories about environmental issues. She has said that she would like to publish some of what she has written sometime, but also said that her life story is not something she is interested in publishing.
Yes, that is Frida's new home in Majorca. She sold the home she shared with Ruzzo about 15 years ago.


Could you please let me know the Australian sales numbers of ‘ABBA Gold’, as I’m interested to compare it to the sales of ‘The Best of ABBA’; as well as compare the average of both that would come from the Australian population in 1977 (*when I’m guessing the final major sales would have been for ‘TBOA’) and now.

Thanks Ian, and cheers...
Tony, Australia.



ARIA accredits ABBA Gold at 17 times platinum, signifying sales of 1,190,000 copies, as of January 2014. The 40th Anniversary Edition (2014) and The Complete Gold Collection (2000), both of which include the full ABBA Gold, are both certified platinum (70,000 copies). The Best Of ABBA sold 1,010,000 copies during 1976, and a reported 1,250,000 copies in total.



I have always wondered why ABBA performed so many concerts in Perth during March 1977? I believe Sydney & Melbourne were only three concerts each and they were (and are) much larger cities than Perth was and yet ABBA are said to have performed many more concerts there. Was it for the purpose of filming more footage for The Movie? That seems implausible too.

Looking forward to your reply.



Originally Sydney was to have one concert with an audience of 40,000. For safety reasons, this was split to two concerts of 20,000 each, though the actual numbers have been reported between 25,000-30,000 for each concert. The three Melbourne concerts had an audience of 14,500 each. The single Adelaide concert had an audience of 21,000. The Perth Entertainment Centre by comparison accommodated just 8,000 people, though the five concerts in total accommodated an audience of 40,000. This means the Perth concerts attracted almost as many people as those in Sydney and Melbourne, in a city with much less than half the population of either of those cities, and even a lower population than Adelaide at that time (Sydney also attracted bus and planeloads of people from Queensland and Canberra,which were bypassed on the tour, including me). As the only indoor venue of the tour, Perth did make filming and recording easier, without the problems inherent with outdoor venues.


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