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July 2011

After repeated listening to On And On And On with extra verse I just do not hear it.
”Standing up is scary if you think you're gonna fall
like a Humpty Dumpty, 'fraid of falling off the wall
I say if you ever wanna know what's going on,
gotta keep on rocking baby 'til the night is gone"
My confusion is the "like a Humpty part" it sounds like on the wall or war well - I can't explain it but it just does not sound like this is what they are saying?  Is anyone 100 percent sure?

Stephen USA 



It is hard to distinguish some of the words, but it is definitely "off the wall".


How many languages did ABBA record in?




ABBA recorded songs in five languages. Most of ABBA's songs were recorded in English. They recorded 4 songs in Swedish, three in German, one in French and 15 in Spanish.


For the latest BAO album Björn was contributing lyrics to some songs. Do you know when was the last time Björn actually composed a song together with Benny?

Daniel, Germany




Their last co-credited compositions were songs on Benny's first solo album Klinga mina klockor in 1987. Since then the credits have always been music by Benny, lyrics by Björn.


Is it true that ABBA used a swear word in Summer Night City?

Trish, UK



Debate still rages about this. The line "walking in the moonlight" does sound a lot like "fucking in the moonlight". The BBC thought so, apparently banning airplay in 1978, which led Epic Records in the UK to release a promotional single that faded out earlier, before the final chorus repeat. 


There is a porn movie from probably the 80's that have ABBA songs and I wanted to find out the name of it




Björn and Benny wrote and recorded songs for the soft-core porn movie The Seduction of Inga in 1969. The film was not released until 1971.


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