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July 2012

I read on ABBA Site, the official website, about a new DVD: the new "Essential Collection'" which comes with 2 CDs of ABBA hits and one DVD, apparently with all the official remastered promo clips ABBA released, including unreleased videos of two Spanish songs, and being the last video "The Last Video". However, I compared it to the video list of the "Definitive Collection", and 'When I Kissed The Teacher' is not on the new Essential Collection (as well as being missing the Dancing Queen at the Royal Opera, which is in the Def. Coll., although I think it is not a promo clip). So, what about the absence of When I Kissed The Teacher? If it is really not there, is it worth buying it, or should I buy for instance the Def Coll + The Last Video DVD separately, what do you think?

Thank you for answering,
Roberto, Spain 



The Essential Collection is sort of an updated version of The Definitive Collection. 'When I Kissed The Teacher' was probably included on The Definitive Collection DVD because it had previously been available on the More ABBA Gold VHS videocassette (1993). It wasn't a promotional clip like the others, and is now also available on the Arrival Deluxe Edition CD and DVD released in 2006. 'Dancing Queen' at the Royal Swedish Opera was included as an additional bonus clip, but is not available anywhere else.

The videos on The Essential Collection have been newly restored and remastered.


I have an original 1977 Sydney concert ticket. Could you suggest the best place to advertise its sale & how much as a guide price would you set it for.

Thanks Phil!



eBay is the obvious place to list your ticket for sale. You could also try Australian classified ads site Gumtree - many ABBA rarities are listed there. I haven't seen one for sale for a while, but around $50 would be a good asking price.


Although many fans have commented on aspects of Mamma Mia (on IMdb, for example), I'm intrigued by the "gods" who appear at film's end. Were the song writers among these celestial worthies? Were the members of ABBA also featured?




ABBA guitarist Björn Ulvaeus was amongst the "Greek gods" at the end of the film - the rest were portrayed by the same actors who were the villagers and "Greek chorus" throughout the film. Benny Andersson can be spotted earlier in the film, during 'Dancing Queen' - he's the piano player on a boat near the end of the song.


I just had a look at ABBA The Site, and it had a section about ABBA Gold's successes to date. It mentions about Australia having sales awards of '16 x Platinum'; and thus I was wondering if you could please let me know how many that is in units?
Also, could you please let me know how many sales make a 'Diamond' award?
And, do you know a rough total of Australian sales of ABBA albums ...a total from all: CD, vinyl, cassette and cartridge; their singles; and their video, DVD and Blu-Ray sales in Australia.

Thank you very much, and cheers for now,
Tony, Australia.



In Australia a platinum record signifies sales of 70,000 copies. So 16 x platinum equates to sales of 1,120,000 copies. I'm not sure where this figure comes from - ARIA's website lists ABBA Gold at 11 x platinum, but that accreditation hasn't been updated since 1999.
Australia does not have a diamond award.
As for a total of all Australian sales, I'd love to know that too but a lot of sales figures are lost forever. I'll see if I can piece it together from whatever information is still available.


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