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July 2013

Are any ABBA members on Facebook?



No they are not. I have heard that at one time one of them had a profile under a false name, but they have cancelled that account. There are many, many fake profiles for ABBA members on Facebook, leading many fans to believe they are "friends" with those ABBA members, particularly Agnetha. Even if any ABBA member were on Facebook, I imagine they would keep their profiles private and would not be interacting with ABBA fans.

There are official pages for ABBA, Agnetha (which was launched to promote her 2013 album A), Benny Anderssons Orkester, Mono Music (Benny's record company), Riksmixningsverket (Benny's recording studio), as well as pages for various projects such as Benny and Björn's musicals Chess, Kristina från Duvemåla and Mamma Mia!, but the ABBA members do not directly contribute to these pages.


I was just wandering, do you know if the new Ring Ring deluxe edition. will follow the original packaging, or will it be like the new cheap ones, i. e. like super trouper del. ed.?

Roberto, Spain 



I don't know at this stage Roberto. The packaging for Super Trouper Deluxe Edition (2011) is now the standard for Universal Music Deluxe Editions. UM Sweden tracked down the remaining plastic sleeves for The Visitors and ABBA Deluxe Editions released in 2012.


I was wondering if you know any current details about Benny & Björn’s music cottage on Viggsö? I know it (and/or the land around it) was sold to a private buyer some time ago, but is it now used as a piece of private property, or was it saved and given to another body (government or otherwise) to maintain as a place for people to visit? (I think it would have been great if it was bought by the ‘ABBA the Museum’ people, or a local coucil). 

Tony, Australia



I imagine it is now private property, not open to visitors. There was a rumour that it was to be bought for ABBA The Museum, but I guess this never happened. Australian television host Julia Zemiro visited the cabin for the SBS TV programme The Road To Eurovision, filmed probably in early May this year.


I just saw a news article on IceTheSite (linked from your site), where Benny recently received an honorary doctorate from Luleå Technical University. I know Benny’s been honoured by institutions before, but I was wondering if you could please let us know how many other honorary positions he now has, what they are, and when they were bestowed honorary?

Tony, Australia 



In 2007 Benny was elected a member of Royal Swedish Academy of Music. In 2008 he received an Honorary Doctorate from the Stockholm University Faculty of Humanities, for contributions to the preservation and growth of the Swedish folk music tradition.


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