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July 2015

Hi! Please, send me your autograph. ABBA

Thank you 
Volodymyr, Ukraine



Unfortunately, this is just a fan site and I can't arrange autographs. You could try writing to the address below, but I can't guarantee that you'll get a reply or autographs:

Mono Music AB
Södra Brobänken 41 A
Skeppsholmen 111 49


Could you please let me know if the soundtrack of The Circle / Cirkeln will be available as a CD or if it will only be available on iTunes and Spotify?

Tony, Australia



Benny has said that the Cirkeln soundtrack will only be available digitally on iTunes and Spotify. It is also available to download on Amazon in some territories.

Other recent Benny-related releases have also been digital only, including the single 'Nyårsballongen' by Helen Sjöholm & Benny Anderssons Orkester, and 'We Write The Story', the anthem for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Surprisingly, the upcoming Kärlekens Tid album by Gustaf Sjökvists Kammarkör will be released on CD as well as digital.


I didn’t know that 1975 was the ‘International Year of the Woman’ until recently during fan-discussions of ABBA’s wonderful ‘Hey, Hey Helen’ (...I was 10 at the time). Thus, I was wondering if Benny and Björn knew that 1975 was going to be the ‘International Year of the Woman’ when they wrote the lyrics prior to 1975 (going by your notes in your ‘Songs’ section, its recording commenced on the 14 September 1974), or it was just a co-incidental part of their interest in equality for women and women’s rights, which was also a very prominent movement at that time (let alone now)?

Tony, Australia.



I have no idea whether Benny and Björn were aware that 1975 would be "International Women's Year". It's probably just a coincidence. Women's rights and divorce were topical subjects throughout the Seventies, famously with Helen Reddy's 1972 hit 'I Am Woman'. It has been previously documented that the 1973 British TV series Helen: A Woman Of Today, about a recently divorced woman, was screened in Sweden in 1974, but Björn has said that he doesn't specifically remember if he watched the series or if it had even an unconscious effect on the song's lyrics.


I was wondering if there has been any further discussion about releasing a Live '77 tour CD. There are 14 songs from that tour that did not appear on the Live At Wembley Arena CD including hits Mamma Mia, So Long and I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do along with classic tracks Tiger, That's Me, When I Kissed The Teacher and I've Been Waiting For You. Most importantly it would include We Are A Simple Four Letter Word (aka I Am An A) and the complete Girl With The Golden Hair musical with narration and Get On The Carousel which have never been released. Would rather have that than (yet) another compilation CD. 

Rich, USA



There's been no talk of a 1977 tour album being released. Early last year a German magazine advertisement listing many of the planned ABBA 2014 anniversary releases mentioned a bonus exclusive 15 minutes of 1977 concert recordings with the iTunes version of Live At Wembley Arena, but that never happened.


I'm curious -- when Frida's friend Inger Brundin filled in for Agnetha after Linda's birth, was the group still billed as B&B, A&A when they made appearances? Did Inger actually sing or did she just lip-synch?

Thank you,
Randy, USA



Yes, on those appearances the band was still billed as Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid. Presumably, everyone involved figured that as the group was relatively unknown outside of Scandinavia at the time of these performances (in West Germany in January on Disco [the opening title shown below], and Austria in March on Spotlight), that no one would notice. The songs performed, 'People Need Love' and 'Ring Ring' were lip-synched.


Did Agnetha get married in April? It was on Facebook.

Lewis, USA



No, she did not. That story appears every few months on self-proclaimed fake news sites to generate click bait. Other stories that regularly surface include Agnetha is recording a new album, is planning a world tour, and even that she has died. The same stories also appear on those sites about Frida.


Having very recently bought the above ABBA Uncut 6 DVD Box Set I found that the 72 Page Booklet referred to on the back of the Box Set and on your Site is not inside and on contacting the Retailer they are saying that it is not in any of their Box Sets.
My question is who should I contact to get this Booklet and is it still available, was it never included or did it run out. If it was not to be included surely it should have been removed from the Back Cover Print. 
Thank you for any information, I am a long time fan of ABBA.

Ann, UK



I don't know too many details about that particular box set, only what I've seen on the internet. I don't have the set myself. It's possible that a booklet was planned but then cancelled. There have been various problems with these unofficial DVD documentaries. In a different set a few years ago the named author of the included booklet claims that he did not write it, though that booklet does seem very similar to other things the author has written about ABBA.
I'd suggest contact the manufacturer about the booklet, but I'd guess that the booklet was never included, in spite of what is printed on the box.


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