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July 2016

I was just wondering if there was some site or info I could get on the guitar/ bass/ keyboard etc. tech they used on their 1977/1979 tours. I'm trying to collect as many of the things they used (within my price range) and I think you could help.

Thank you for the music



There hasn't been much published about the instruments and equipment used by ABBA and their musicians. A series of articles were published in a UK magazine Sound International in 1980 that included a detailed look at ABBA in the Studio and ABBA Live. These articles will be posted in the Years section of this site soon.


Upon reading various biographies on Agnetha I am left confused about the ending of her recording contract with Cupol. Some sources say 1975's Elva kvinnor i ett hus marked the end of the contract, yet the label went on to issue the Tio år med Agnetha album in 1979. Could you please clarify how and when her contract ended?

Clare, Canada



Indeed, Agnetha's recording contract with CBS Cupol did espire at the end of 1975. But Cupol still owned the rights to her recordings for the company. Sony Music, which took over CBS in 1987, still owns the rights to those Cupol recordings in 2016. Agnetha would have signed a one-off deal with the company to record one new song for Tio år med Agnetha.


Your resumé 50 years of B&B is great, but I'm wondering about the song 'The Silence Of The Dawn'. The Swedish version is from Benny & Ylva EGGEHORN. It's Björn who has written the English version?




So I've been told, though I must admit I have not seen confirmation of that.

UPDATE 29 August 2016: I've been informed that the Barbara Dickson CD Winter, that features 'The Silence Of The Dawn', credits Ylva Eggehorn with the lyric. So I've made the appropriate correction to the B&B gallery.

Many singles list all 4 as performers/singers on albums, but few list Agnetha and Frida although the entire band is listed. Can some one provide details?
The song Benny Andersson wrote and performed at the dedication for the 9000 pipe organ at Lulea Technical University is superb!!! How can I get true HD version as originally released for Swedish television??
The talents and performances of post ABBA team continues to amaze!!! Fantastic group  Truly thank you for the music!!!

Thank You,



I'm not sure I understand your first question. Agnetha and Frida appear on every single ABBA recording, excluding She's My Kind Of Girl (a Björn & Benny duo recording from 1969 that ended up on ABBA records), and the instrumental Intermezzo no 1. So there's really no need to list them separately.
That piece by Benny hasn't been officially released, so it's not available anywhere, except on YouTube clips such as this one.


Are there 2 seperate promo edits of ABBA's 'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!'? Everyone I know who has the "short version" released in the USA on 45 vinyl has a fade end, but then there is a "short version" currently on YouTube that features a "cold" end. Is the YouTube version a boot? Fan made? Any help you can give would be more than appreciated!
Thanks you so much for helping people through the fascinating(and sometimes frustrating!) ABBA world discography!

Ron, USA. 



That edit on YouTube is indeed fan made. All the released edited versions including promotional singles have the song fade out. The cold ending comes from the unreleased original recording, a copy of which leaked on the internet several years ago, though it's actually just the last couple of notes, not the full ending.


Im looking for a single on Polar 1004, with a band called The Jockeys "Jeanie / Campfire Song" on Polar from 1964. Do you have this one? Or can you think of any Polar vinyl collector that might have this one? 
Perhaps you can advise on someone else to ask? I will pay really good for it and I will be VERY grateful for any help!
Thank you and all the best from Sweden! :) 

Kind regards, 



I'm not familiar with this single. Perhaps there's someone out there who can help Tomas. If anyone reading this columnhas information on getting a copy of this single, please write to Here is the single sleeve, courtesy of Elmar's ABBA Site, which features an excellent full Polar Records discography.


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