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July 2017

Jimi Hendrix played a number of concerts in Sweden in 1969/70, do you know if any of the ABBA members were in attendance?

Milt from Ireland. 



I'm afraid I have no idea. I've never seen any comments from any of the ABBA members saying they had seen Jimi Hendrix in concert.


In the first answer on this page : you say that Frida's daughter was killed in a car accident. However a poster on this page claims that it was a suicide: Is there any truth to this?

Milt from Ireland. 



All media reports either gave no cause of death, or said that she died after a car accident, but did not give any further details. I heard the rumour of suicide years ago too, but nothing more to substantiate it.


Is this right? That Frida has sings vocals by the 12" version from Mauro Scocco Song 'Vem är han' 1988--5:04 M. I have never hear about this song ? Thank you for the answer !

Best wishes
Wolfgang from Germany



I've never heard the song, and can't track down audio or video of the 12 inch version online. Images of the 12 inch single sleeve and the CD single and sleeve don't include Frida's name. includes this information on its page for the 12 inch single. Has anyone out there heard this song and can confirm or deny Frida's participation?


Can I just verify that Agnetha does not do any backing vocals on 'Bravo tu as gagné' by Mirielle Mathieu. Reason I ask is there is a photo with Agnetha in the studio with them while recording the song. Or is it not Agnetha??. Been bugging me for ages.

Thanks very much
Graham, Scotland



The blonde woman seen in photos of the recording session of the French version of 'The Winner Takes It All' is Françoise Pourcel, daughter of French band leader Frank Pourcel (who a year or so earlier recorded an ABBA tribute album and himself visited ABBA at Polar Music Studio). Françoise sang backing vocals on the recording, along with Frida, Björn, and Benny.


As there seems to be news about the Autumn release of I Stand Alone, do you think we may have reissues of My Colouring Book and A with any bonus tracks at some point? If so, what bonus tracks could there be?

Simon, UK



It possibly depends on how successful the rerelease of I Stand Alone is. Apparently there are several unreleased tracks from the My Colouring Book sessions, including a cover of Cher's 'Bang Bang'. There is an unreleased remix of the proposed third single 'Sometimes When I'm Dreaming', and many remixes of the album's first two singles. As far as I know, there are no unreleased songs from A, but there are lots of remixes of several of the album's songs, most of which had very limited release. A has already been subject to a Deluxe Edition, about six months after the album's release, with a bonus DVD featuring the music video of 'When You Really Loved Someone' and the BBC documentary Agnetha: ABBA and After.


I am trying to watch a video of an interview with Gert Van Der Graaf for research purposes. The video is from October 2000
Is this something you can help me with please know that this would be EXTREMELY useful for me.

Jamie, UK



I don't know this particular footage, and can't find it online. Is there anyone out there who can help Jamie find this footage?


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