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July 2019

Lucky Starr released the album Wheels in 1976, thus proving a connection to The Best of ABBA special. If you could get a copy (along with the previous but similar album Big Wheels), would you be able to finally confirm Lucky Starr's songs from it? 

Aaron, Australia



Lucky Starr performed 'Times Run Out On You', his most recent single, and 'Loving Sure Comes Easy' on The Best Of ABBA. Both songs are from his album Wheels, which was released in April 1976, just a few weeks after the special was broadcast. LIke ABBA, he was on RCA at the time. The segment featuring Lucky Starr (with Björn and Benny) can be viewed here.


Is it noted anywhere that Bjorn and Agnetha attended Benny and Friday's wedding in 1978? Also, did any of the Abba members attend each others subsequent weddings? Just curious.

Simon, UK



Björn and Agnetha did not attend Benny and Frida's wedding - only Benny and Frida's children attended, while the church verger and the couple's housekeeper were witnesses. Björn and Agnetha did attend the party at Benny and Frida's home to celebrate the wedding the following evening, along with 20-something other friends, including Stig Anderson, Michael B. Tretow, Görel Johnsen, Thomas Johansson, and Claes af Geijerstam (accompanied by then girlfriend Lena Källersjö).


It's strange that the stock photos of the latest vinyl issue of ABBA Gold differ from the real state. Because in fact it's the same as the 25th anniversary edition. Only the sticker and barcode are different. It's a little not fair for me, because we fans were teased by a little different ABBA logo.

Piotr, Poland.



It is rather misleading that the recent gold vinyl re-release of ABBA Gold, available only at specific chain stores in a handful of countries, is being promoted as a new release with a new sleeve featuring the correct ABBA logo. It is actually the same record that was previously issued in June 2017 (catalogue number 00602557478549).

I recall a site with a ABBA discography, and they did comedic song names for the budget Take A Chance On Me (2006) CD. Could you give me the link?

Aaron, Australia 



I'm sorry Aaron, I'm not familiar with that site. Perhaps a reader knows about it. If anyone knows this site, can you please write to so that I can update this answer.


In 'King Kong Song', I've always thought the second verse was a really good rock-solo by Agnetha. Then several years ago a fan friend said they thought it was the 'magic fifth voice' (or whatever it is called that is that 'one voice' that Frida & Agnetha have been able to create together in some songs). Then last night, another ABBA friend said he's always thought is was just Frida.As much as I love Frida, it still sounds like a rock-solo sung fantastically by Agnetha. Could you please enighten me 43 years later (

Thank you as always,
Tony, Australia



Actually it's both women singing the second verse of 'King Kong Song'. Like most songs that they sing together with the "third voice", the individual voices often can't be distingished, but there are certain syllables or phrases where one voice or the other comes forward, which often leads to listeners thinking it's one or the other singing solo.


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