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June 2009

What date and year did ABBA give a concert in Vejle Denmark?

Peter, Denmark



As far as I know ABBA never played there. The only concerts that I know of that ABBA played in Denmark were at various venues in Copenhagen on 17 November 1974, 17 January 1975, 31 January and 1 February 1977, and 21 October 1979. See the Stage section for more details.


What inspired the song ‘Fernando’? Was he a real person?

Hugh, Australia



No, Fernando was not a real person. The name was chosen by Stig Anderson simply because it had the required number of syllables and fitted with the lyrical theme he wrote for the original Swedish version. Björn then wrote the English version with a different lyrical theme but the same title.


Did Frida’s first husband Ragnar Fredriksson ever get back into performing music?

Tony, Australia



As far as I know, no he didn’t. He retired to a private life and raised his and Frida's two children.


Did Frida’s daughter Lise-Lotte ever work in the music industry, and does Hans still write and perform?

Tony, Australia



No, Lise-Lotte never worked in the music industry. I believe that these days Hans Fredriksson still works as a music producer.


In Frida's 'I See Red' from 1982, is that Agnetha doing a small cameo, later on in the song when you here someone echoing Frida's singing of the title? It sounds very much like Agnetha.

Tony, Australia



I don’t think it’s Agnetha making an unbilled cameo. To the best of my knowledge all female backing vocals on the Something’s Going On LP are Frida’s - no other singers are credited. It seems that Frida wanted no involvement from the other three - she intended it to be her album, away from ABBA.


I´d like to ask you about a litho I just bought on auction, it´s about 22 x 29 inches in size, dated 1977 and signed by the artist. I think there is 70 numbered copies of this, but mine is a test print. Do you know anything about it? I´ve been searching the net without finding very much info...

ABBA lithograph

Emil, Sweden



I’ve never seen this nor heard of this item before. However to my eyes it looks modern, and not a relic from 1977, though the images of the ABBA members date from 1977. 


I found your site looking for the lyrics of one song in its Spanish version. The song is The Winner takes it all. In your web site you say the song was never recorded, but I remember when I was a kid back in the 80's, I hear the song on the radio, now all I can get, is a horrible version of this song by Il Divo and by some female singer from a Spanish TV show named Operación Triunfo, this version are based on the Spanish version of Mamma Mia the musical, but I know there is a version made by Abba and I want to get it. Do you have any information about the right name in Spanish, because the ones I get are named "Va todo al ganador", but the lyrics are not the ones I know from the Abba version I hear in the 80's. I want to know the name and where I can get the lyrics...




ABBA never recorded ‘The Winner Takes It All’ in Spanish. The Spanish-language title of the English version listed on some records was indeed ‘Va todo al ganador’. I believe other artists may have recorded a Spanish version in the early 1980s with this title. The Ultimate Spanish ABBA Page discusses this further on the Rumores/Gossip page. 


I just saw a video of 'One Night In Bangkok' from 1984. It was from ZDF 'Kultnacht' in Germany, and the chorus line-up had Björn, Karen Glenmark (I think), Frida and Benny. Did they only appear on the video only to mime, or did all four do the chorus line-up on the original record (knowing that sometimes there were uncredited cameos in various recordings).

Tony, Australia.



All backing vocals on the 1984 Chess recording were by Anders and Karin Glenmark. The chorus of 'One Night In Bangkok' is actually sung by Anders Glenmark. On that particular TV show, Na Sowas Extra, it just happened that Benny and Björn were there to Chess, and Frida was promoting her LP Shine. Check out ABBA on TV (go to 1984 > 29 Nov) for more information about this programme.

I was wondering if you had any information on a song Benny and Bjorn wrote for Gitte Haenning.. It's called "Happy End", and it was released in Germany in 1975 (Youtube: - I can't find the original video, which had more information written in the information box, but I was wondering if ABBA maybe recorded this song in any language, or if they did a demo... and if so, where would I be able to find it.

Cheers! - Dan



I'm sorry but I’ve never heard of this song before, nor can I find much information about it. According to the Swiss Charts site the song was written by Ralf Arnie, Jan Askelind and C. Modig, but Benny, Björn and Michael B. Tretow are credited as co-producers, alongside Ralf Arnie and Detlef Petersen.


Concerning the video of ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’: could you tell me what is the name of the clip at 02:45 and 02:50? I did not find it on Youtube, nor on iTunes, do you know where I could watch the entire video?

Andréa. France



I’m not sure which bit you mean as there are a couple of different bits of footage between 2.45 and 2.50. Frida bouncing is from ‘Take A Chance On Me’, Agnetha dancing is from ‘Summer Night City’.


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