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June 2012

When did Benny get his Moog and Mellotron?

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Probably sometime in 1973. The mellotron was developed in the 1960s. The minimoog, which was far as I'm aware was Benny's first moog synethsiser, was released around 1971. Both instruments feature on the Waterloo album.


The 'Move On' music sheet is included in the 1981 book The Songs of ABBA by Milton Okun, it includes arrangements and lyrics for every song from their albums Ring Ring up to Super Trouper. It was published by the New York Times. Maybe the woman in Canada can find a copy from Amazon or eBay.




Thank you Frank. One of this column's kind readers scanned the sheet music from that very book for Janet from Canada (see the March column


I have something which I have had since my childhood which may be of interest to ABBA fans out there. I am hunting the net, trying to find out firstly, how many of these invitations would have been sent out, and what it would be worth.
I have an invitation for someone to an ABBA reception at the Melbourne Town Hall during the 1977 ABBA Australian tour. It is autographed by all 4 members. And... it is 100% original. Here is a scan of it.
Would you guys know where I could find some more information about this? Could you please steer me in the right direction? Thanks
Andrew, Australia




That is indeed a very rare and unique item. I've never seen an invitation to the Melbourne Town Hall reception before. Only 200 people were invited to the reception. Usually at those sort of events the invitations are collected at the door and thrown away later, so to even have the invitation is rare. To have it signed by all members of ABBA is very special indeed.

NOTE: Andrew has now listed the invitation for sale on Gumtree.


How many ABBA glass mugs were released in Australia by Reg Grundy? I only know of the cartoon one with the white logo. Did these come in a box?
Were there any others such as one with the same picture as the 'Dancing Queen'
single (gangster hats) and was there one with the 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' single
(window) ? I have been told by someone who has these that these existed and were
frosted glass.




There was only one glass mug released in Australia, the first one you describe. I've  never heard of any other frosted glass ABBA mugs.


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