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March 2009

It was fairly unusual for musicians outside the "ABBA circle" to feature on the group's recordings, so I have always wondered about the reasons behind Raphael Ravenscroft's saxophone performance on ‘Just Like That’. Ravenscroft is obviously well respected for his performance on the 1978 Gerry Rafferty hit "Baker Street", but the only relevant ABBA connection I can put forward is that Ravenscroft performs on Tomas Ledin's 1982 album, "The Human Touch", on which Ledin also duets with Agnetha. So, was Ravenscroft hired by Polar Studios for Ledin and then asked to record an impromptu solo on ‘Just Like That’?

Chris Williams, England.



That is a very good question, Chris. After much research I can’t find any information about it. It does seem likely that he was hired to play for Tomas Ledin and asked to contribute to the ABBA song while he was in Stockholm. Polar Music also released a Raf Ravenscroft solo album, Lifeline, in 1982 – the catalogue number (POLS 363) is actually one before Ledin’s Human Touch (POLS 364). One of those unauthorised ABBA DVDs that have flooded the market in the last four years promised input from Ravenscroft in its cover blurb, but did not actually include him. 

Lifeline by Raf Ravenscroft

(thanks to Elmari ABBA lehekülg for the image)

Where does Björn live? Karin-Inger, Norway



Björn lives on the outskirts of Stockholm,


Is Anni-Frid married currently? If so, who is she married to? Anne & Kerry



Frida is currently not married. In August 1992 she married her long-time partner Prince Ruzzo Ruess von Plauen. Sadly he died of cancer in late 1999.


I tried searching the web, and haven't turned up any answer. I am really curious what is the brand name/make of the piano that Benny Andersson is playing in his cameo in the Mamma Mia ("Dancing Queen" song).

Darlene, Canada 



I’m sorry, I don’t know. Perhaps a reader will be able to help with an answer.


Where can I buy a copy Anni-Frid Lyngstad’s song ‘Suzanne’ by Leonard Cohan please? I cannot find it on any other lists of their work.

Matthew, New Zealand



Frida’s version of Suzanne’ was recorded for her first solo album in 1971. It is available on the double CD Anni-Frid Lyngstad 1967-1972.


I am trying to obtain the CD version of Abba's original Greatest Hits LP from 1976 but it seems practically impossible to find. This is the one with the standard 'park bench' artwork (see attached), not the 2006 re-issue with the bizarre picture on the front. It seems it was only released in the USA around 1984 by Atlantic Records so would not have sold well. Am I right about this, and can you suggest somewhere I can obtain one at a reasonable price please? The last one I saw on ebay sold for £46 which is outside my budget...

Richard, UK



Indeed, this Greatest Hits album was only released on CD in the USA in the mid-1980s on the Atlantic label. It can often be found on eBay, and sometimes it’s not too expensive. Despite being known today as ABBA’s first compilation, it was not a worldwide release. See Discs for a complete list of the many different variations of this album. In the 1980s ABBA CDs were compiled by Polydor Records in West Germany, though simultaneously released on the Polar label, and available in most of the world. Because Greatest Hits was not part of Polydor’s ABBA discography – they released a 12-track album The Best Of ABBA in 1975 – it was not part of the original worldwide CD releases. 


Is anyone out there thinking about making a movie (true story) about the life of ABBA ?? Kinda like what they did about The Doors.




Not as far as I know at the moment. I can't imagine the ABBA members giving their consent to such a project - 10 years ago Frida famously sent an angry fax to Björn when she heard the rumour that the forthcoming musical Mamma Mia! was the life story of the ABBA members.


My friend has an ABBA album that he was interested in seeing what it is worth. It is a gold record for ABBA – The Singles. It was awarded to Channel 0 in Australia by Abba to them for all there help in sales of there album and there is a gold plate the shape of Australia on it with the thank you message in engraving on the map. Also says it was done in Australia 1983 and it is also in a proper gold frame with a white back.

Thanks Tim, Australia



That is certainly a unique item. ABBA – The Singles was not a big seller in Australia, so gold record awards like this are not as common as for million-sellers like The Best Of ABBA or Arrival. It’s hard to say how much it might be worth, I’ve not seen very many Australian gold record awards on the market. I would estimate it could be worth at least $200-$300, maybe more.


I didn't see the song "Ra Ra Rasputin" under your listing of every ABBA song. Did they ever sing it? If so, when was it released and on what album? I could have sworn they did but I can't seem to find the information anywhere on the internet!




ABBA never sang this song. ‘Rasputin’ was a hit in 1978 for German group Boney M.


I am pushing for this to be the worlds new peace song. Let me know if ABBA has a problem with it. I am currently trying to get this idea circulated but I do not want to make enemies. If everything is cool then lets all get together worldwide and make this THE worlds peace song :

Joel Carolus 



An interesting concept, Joel. I’m sure that ABBA would not be offended by your efforts. I’m not sure that ‘The Way Old Friends Do’ is the best candidate for a peace song though – the sentiments and sing-along qualities of ‘I Have A Dream’ might make that a better candidate. Good luck with your quest.


Aside from ABBA Live, what live tracks have been released?
Jason, Rochester, NY, USA 



ABBA has not released very many live songs. Aside from the 14 songs on the ABBA Live CD, there have been”
‘I Wonder (Departure)’ recorded live in Sydney in March 1977, released on the B side of ‘The Name Of The Game’
‘Take A Chance On Me’ recorded at Wembley Arena, London in November 1979, released on the B side of ‘I Have A Dream’. Both of these are available on ABBA – The Album Deluxe Edition.
Summer Night City’, also recorded at Wembley in 1979, released on the Swedish compilation album Antligen Sommarlov! In 1983. This recording has not been released on CD, but is on the DVD ABBA In Concert.
‘Slipping Through My Fingers’ and ‘Me And I’ performed for the TV programme Dick Cavett Meets ABBA in March 1981, released on the CD box set Thank You For The Music in October 1994.
There have also been several concert performances released on the DVDs ABBA – The Movie, ABBA in Concert and in the box set ABBA – The Complete Studio Recordings. 


My question is where does Agnetha Faltskog live? Also it is possible to enter in contact by email with Agnetha or the other member of ABBA.




Agnetha lives on the island of Ekerö on the outskirts of Stockholm. None of the ABBA members has an email address that fans can write to. You could send a letter to any of the ABBA members at the addresses in the FAQ page.


I’m ten. how old are the people in ABBA and what is there age?




Björn turns 64 and Agnetha turns 59 in April 2009. Frida is 63 and Benny is 62.


I own the Michael B. Tretow CD "Let´s Boogie" or as it says on a sticker on the cover "Goofy Sessions With The 1975 DREAM BAND". In the Booklet of this CD, which of course features all the ABBA members , there is some text written by Michael B. Tretow himself and one of the things he writes is " Incidentely, you can hear very clearly which Abba-song Benny and Bjorn were working on when we recorded "Sandwich", can´t you ?".Now, my question is what ABBA song does he mean? I know I read about it somewhere on the Internet, however I can´t seem to find that info now and I´ve also looked in a pair of ABBA books, but I couldn´t find anything about it. Do you know the answer?

Dave, Abba-fan from Sweden



There are hints of 'Money, Money, Money' in the piano sound. Listen particularly to the riff at 1.47 and again at 2.29. You can here the song here.


How many copies has ABBA sold worldwide?

Sam, England



The latest figures have ABBA selling 370 million records worldwide. I wouldn't be surprised if we learn a new official sales figure in the next few weeks as publicity revs up for the tenth anniversary of Mamma Mia!


I saw "Abba At the Hollywood Bowl" on ticketmaster and was wondering if this is really some sort of ABBA reunion or juts that "music of ABBA" thing again. I tried doing a google search but I'm not finding anything




ABBA is not reuniting, April. The initial listing on Tickemaster did indeed state simply "ABBA", though it's now been updated to ABBA - The Tour, which is a regular touring feature in the US summer that incorporates a number of different ABBA tribute bands. I see Ticketmaster lists other shows in June and July including The Music Of ABBA (featuring Swedish band Arrival), ABBA - The Concert (part of The Music Of ABBA tour) and ABBA the Tour.

Updated 10 April 2009. Thanks to Vicki from Arrival for additional information.


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