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March 2010

I was wondering did ABBA ever perform 'Lay All Your Love On Me' from the Super Trouper album on TV at all?

thanks from Helen, UK



No, they did not. The only songs from Super Trouper performed on television were 'The Winner Takes It All', 'Super Trouper', 'On And On And On' ands 'Happy New Year' on various TV shows in 1980, and 'Super Trouper', 'Me And I' and 'On And On And On' on the Dick Cavett Meets ABBA special in 1981. Check out ABBA on TV for everything you need to know about ABBA's TV appearances.


Is there a chance they are going to remaster Agnetha Fältskog's I Stand Alone on CD to go inside with the other three?

thanks alot, Brent, Canada



Apparently not. I heard a while ago that someone had asked Warner Music if there were any plans for a remastered version of I Stand Alone and they said no, there are not.


When will the touring exhibition be showing in Melbourne Vic Australia and where?




As you might have seen in the announcement since you wrote ABBAWORLD will open at Federation Square in Melbourne on 12 June 2010, running for a month till 12 July.


I’ve read somewhere that 'Chiquitita' was a farewell gift from Bjorn to Agnetha, at the times of their divorce. Are any true in this?

Paulo, Portugal



I've never heard that story. As far as I know Björn has never explained what inspired the lyrics, aside from discussing the percussiveness of the word "Chiquitita" where it falls in the song. This story sounds a little like a meaning that's been projected on to the song in hindsight.

Has anyone else out there ever heard this story?


Bjorn was only (the) lyricist or does he also composed some of the music (or part of it) in Abba times? In this second case, is there any information about some songs with his special creativity?

Paulo, Portugal



In the ABBA days Benny and Björn composed together. Björn's Hootenanny Singer bandmate Tony Rooth once said that he could tell in Benny and Björn's early composition exactly which parts were mainly composed by Björn (quoted in Bright Lights Dark Shadows by Carl Magnus Palm). Benny and Björn would get together with piano and guitar, bashing out music until something inspired them. They can be seen in their famous songwriting shack discussing this in the television special ABBA-dabba-doo! (available on Arrival Deluxe Edition CD and DVD). As years went by it seems that Benny became chief composer, Björn chief lyricist, though the first time they were individually credited for music and lyrics was Benny's 'Klinga mina klockor' in 1987.


How have Frida and Phil Collins known each other? Between Genesis and Abba, or members of the two bands, were any other contacts or commentaries?

Paulo, Portugal



Frida and Phil Collins did not know each other before he was approached to produce her first English solo album in 1982. Frida was a fan of his album Face Value (1981) and asked him to produce. I don't know if they've remained in contact over the years, but they did meet up at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in March 2010 when both ABBA and Genesis were inducted.


We are an Abba tribute band from Russia. Please advise how the tribute bands listed on your site got permission from ABBA to perform their songs. Do you know how those bands got such permission and what the procedure is? It would be much appreciated if you provide us the information where in the world Abba tribute festivals are held and if there is a way for us to participate.

Kind regards,
Yegor Kobakhidze



I suggest contact Universal Music Publishing (this link is contact details for the Moscow office) about performance rights.


I was just wondering if ABBA are still together ? And what has been up with the members lately.

Thank you, Maryam. 



ABBA broke up at the end of 1982. Today Agnetha and Frida have retired from the music business, Björn works primarily behind the scenes for the Mamma Mia! musical based on ABBA's songs, and occasionally still writes lyrics for Benny's songs. Benny still writes and performs music, for films and theatre and for his band Benny Anderssons Orkerster (aka Benny Andersson Band).


Do you know whether the ABBA In Switzerland will be the complete show (including Kate Bush etc), or just ABBA performing all the songs, or just the ones featured in Voulez-Vous? Can you clarify which 'Chiquitita' will be shown as an extra (apart from UNICEF) – will it be the “round the piano” version from Snowtime, or the “on stage dressed in light pink outfits” from ABBA In Switzerland ? So now I’m confused…'Chiquitita' in front of the snowman was filmed when, and for which show? Surely there weren’t 2 versions of the song sung in  any one show?? Refresh my memory please… Also – what’s the 'I Have A Dream' “extended promo” all about?

Simon, UK 



As far as I know ABBA in Switzerland will be the complete show, though probably without the guest artists. Not all versions of the show as broadcast in 1979 had the guest stars, so they're hardly essential to the programme. Yes, the second 'Chiquitita' clip is the one from Snowtime Special. The 'Chiqutita' clip in front of the snowman was filmed during the Switzerland trip by the BBC as the promotional clip to send to TV stations around the world, it was not made for the special. For some unknown reason ABBA had not made a clip with Lasse Hallström, as had been the practice, and the single had already been out for several weeks. The extended version of 'I Have A Dream' has the reprised chorus with the choir.


Did ABBA sales exceed Sweden's GDP?




No. There is a popular myth that Polar Music, thanks to ABBA's worldwide sales, was more profitable than Volvo, Sweden's biggest company. But the truth is it was percentages - by the size of the company ABBA's income was a higher percentage than Volvo's, but certainly no where near the actual amount of money coming in to the company.


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