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March 2011

Recently I heard Benny's 'Klinga mina Klockor' performed by Elisabeth Andreassen and Alexander Rybak. I looked for translated lyrics but I was not able to find them. I tried with a "on line" translation but I could vaguely understand the meaning of this nice song. Can you tell me if it is possible to find them?

Bob, Italy 



I'm not aware of an English translation. I tried an online translation too but it didn't really convey the beauty of the Swedish lyrics - some words translated wrong and some didn't translate at all. Sometimes expressions don't translate well into another language. I'll see if I can get a Swedish friend to work on a better translation.


There was a stylish gold pendant that both Frida & Agnetha wore constantly in photo-shoots from around 1976; the pendant was circular (about 2cm in diameter?), and was connected to a fine gold chain via a thin elongated gold link that went to the centre of the pendant. Do you know any of the history behind those pendants?

Tony, Australia



I've been searching for months for anything on these necklaces to no avail. There is a photo of Frida holding hers close to the camera that has appeared in a couple of books, but it's not clear in the photo what's written on it. Perhaps it was nothing more significant than a costuming decision, to have both women wearing the same jewellery - there are a few other instances where they both wore the same necklaces.


I was wondering if Björn or Benny was ever influenced by a group called The Left Banke back in the 60's.

The reason why I'm asking is because I got the following request from Tom Fair, who's writing a book about the group; "I am writing with Tom Finn on the history and legacy of the Left Banke. I would welcome anything you might want to say on the way the Left Banke is viewed and appreciated in Scandinavia and why. I would love to get some statements (if you can find them or compose them) as to why fans in Sweden - or 'Finn-land' - love the Left Banke. Renee Fladen, of 'Walk Away Renée' fame is of Swedish heritage, so that would be a nice touch."




I'm not aware of any direct influence the Left Banke had on Benny and Bjorn, but they did have a wide range of influences from The Beatles to Bach. As Benny once said "if you've never heard music you can't write music".


My question concerns the backing vocals in 'Chiquitita': what are they actually singing in the first verse after "you were always sure of yourself/now i see you've broken a feather". It's something indistinguisable about the birds, sea and the sand i think. If you could shed some light on it I'd be grateful! Similarly, what are they singing in the background in the chorus? I think it's just repeating the lines already sung, but it's sometimes quite difficult to tell.

Many thanks.
Matt UK 



Those lyrics are "how it hurts to see you cry and how it hurts to see you sad".


How come the videos for 'The Winner Takes It All' (remastered), 'On And On And On' (with new stereo mix now available) and 'Lay All Your Love On Me' were not included in the bonus disc on the Super Trouper Deluxe version?

Also, help me out here: I remember watching an ABBA documentary in the late 80’s which was rather sombre, poorly lit, and was maybe filmed around 1981/1982. I remember the girls were rather down in their attitudes, and I think they were all sitting around in a semi circle. Benny was wearing a black leather jacket, and Bjorn, a black sleeveless bomber jacket. Know the one? Would this be likely to be included as a bonus feature in The Visitors Deluxe version? Also hoping the Show Express from ‘82 will be included too. Love the false endings... And how about the Dick Cavatt interview?

Simon, UK



The two clips that are included, 'Super Trouper' and 'Happy New Year', are featured because they both include footage from the night the album sleeve photos were taken, also the subject of the new featurette Somewhere in the Crowd There's You.

The documentary you describe is The Story Of ABBA, first broadcast in December 1982 in the Netherlands. The Story Of ABBA was re-released on DVD in March 2011.


I would like to know if all four members of ABBA are doing a one off special reunion. I'm an ABBA fan are the rumours true about a reunion? I expect other ABBA fans round the world would like to know please could some one tell me?

Many thanks
Hilary, UK



No, ABBA are not reuniting. There is constant media speculation of an ABBA reunion, most recently for several weeks in December 2010 and January 2011 after Agnetha said in a rare interview "I don't hold for impossible that we do something together in the future. Please note that this is not something I have discussed with the other three members, it's more of a feeling I have that it would be great to come together and talk a little about old times and maybe make a performance together. But that would only take place once, perhaps for a charity of some sort." This particular quote led to all sorts of speculation - that ABBA would definitely perform a charity concert, record a new song, even perform at the upcoming British royal wedding.

In the March 2011 issue of the Official International ABBA Fan Club Magazine Benny was asked if he thought that ABBA would reunite for charity, he responded "not a realistic possibility".


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