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March 2012

I've heard that Björn is an atheist. Is that true?

Edson, Brazil



Yes, Björn is indeed an atheist. 


I saw a fairly recent photo of Agnetha. Did she remarry or is the man her boyfriend?

Lewis, USA.



I presume that you mean this photo below, taken in July last year. This wasn't a new boyfriend or indeed anyone she knew. It was Anders Öhrman, another guest at the 50th birthday of their mutual friend Magnus Skogsberg.



I have been trying for over a year to find sheet music (piano & vocal) for 'Move on". Do you know if it exists (chord & lyrics are available) and if so, from where could I purchase it? I think it may be available from websites in Europe, but they do not offer service to Canada. Thank-you very much

Janet Canada



Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available. ABBA - The Folio, featuring sheet music for all the songs from ABBA - The Album including 'Move On', was released in 1978 but is long out of print. most places these days only have collections of the bigger hits, so don't include 'Move On'.


I am looking for a ABBA 78 vinyl record. I have looked everywhere I can think
of can you help me find one ??

Thank you
Kathy USA 



I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you asking for an ABBA 78 rpm record? These were phased out in the 1950s, though occasionally in later years special editions were released, but ABBA music was never released in this format. Or are you asking for a particular ABBA record from 1978?


I read an online article in 2006 that a remastered version of Agnetha's 1987 album 'I Stand Alone' including the 2 Spanish versions of 'The Last Time' & 'I Wasn't The One (Who Said Goodbye)' was planned in 2007 but Warner Music said that they could not locate the original master tapes and as Agnetha's 1983 & 1985 albums 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me' & 'Eyes Of A Woman' were remastered in 2005 I think that 'I Stand Alone' should get the same treatment eventually and also I was wondering if anyone has spotted a spelling mistake on the 1985 Polydor version of 'Eyes Of A Woman' the strip at the side of the CD cover says 'Eyes Of A Women' instead of 'Eyes Of A Woman' and do you know whether or not the first 3 ABBA albums will get Deluxe Editions (Ring, Ring, Waterloo & ABBA) in 2013, 2014 & 2015 also are there any plans for a Deluxe Edition of ABBA Live in 2016.

Adam, United Kingdom



I never heard of any firm plans that Warner Music had plans for a re-release of I Stand Alone, just a lot of fan conjecture. Given the probably less-than-anticipated sales of My Colouring Book in 2004 it seems unlikely that there was any intention of a re-release.

I think everyone spotted the "Eyes Of A Women" misprint on the original Polar/Polydor CD spine.

I have no idea if there will be deluxe versions of the other albums. At this stage the only planned release is the upcoming The Visitors Deluxe Edition. ABBA Live has been discontinued - at one stage there was an idea to release an all-new live album, but this never came to fruition. Will it happen one day? Who knows, we just had to wait and see.


Did the members of ABBA perform individually while ABBA was active? I ask because I ran across a YouTube video of Frida performing Fire and Ice without the other members of ABBA. I was informed that the performance took place in August of 1981. Was it a "normal" situation for the girls to have time on their hands while Benny and Bjorn composed the songs for ABBA's next album? I don't know about Agnetha, but it would appear that Frida used some of this "spare" time for solo performances.




After the Eurovision Song Contest ABBA members performed solo very rarely. In August 1975 both Agnetha and Frida appeared (on different episodes) on the TV programme Sommarnöjet, filmed live on the stage at Skansen in Stockholm. In August 1981 Frida co-hosted the four-part variety series Lite Grand i Örat, filmed at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, and also sang several songs including 'Fire And Ice'. In 1982, before the last two ABBA singles, Frida released her solo album Something's Going On and performed on several TV shows.


After having read the latest 'Ask', I've only now discovered that Björn also smoked (I thought he was the only one in ABBA who didn't, so he certainly did hide that very well). Anyhow, that's just made me wonder about something. When I used to be a Graphic Designer, I once worked in a car magazine (23 years ago), where our office would get car magazines from around the world; and one of the magazines was from Sweden. And in that magazine, they used to often have quite a few advertisements for different brands of snuff... thus I would assume that snuff is quite popular in Sweden; at least up to the late 20th century. Hence my question: did anyone from ABBA sniff snuff? (As this was usually a male habit, I'm assuming that if that was the case, it would only be Benny &/or Björn &/or Stig if they did).

(For anyone who hasn't heard of snuff, it's made from tobacco, frequently found in a choice of fragrances, and essentially, men would use it more often than not to help them sneeze; however, it could also bring about instances of nasal cancer).

Cheers for now,
Tony Australia 



I believe that Benny was also a user of snus, the Scandinavian version of snuff, which is actually closer to chewing tobacco than inhalable snuff.



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