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March 2013

How am I able to gain access to ABBA's music. I was unable to open anything but the printed history of their past,,i expect money may be involved but could not find anywhere to do that on this site.......

Thank you



I'm not sure what if you're asking for sheet music or music files. You can find sites where you can listen to ABBA music in the Links section. You can purchase ABBA sheet music from


My 5 year old daughter is huge huge fans of yours and loves and admires what you have done for music. My 5 year old daughter would be very very greatful if she could please get some  autographs please.from both of you please.

Thank you very much
June , Australia 



Unfortunately I can't provide ABBA autographs for you, I'm just running a fan site. You can try writing to Universal Music Sweden or Mono Music - see the FAQ page for addresses.


In the video clip Head Over Heels, Frida slipped at the door. Did it happy accidentally? Or it was done deliberately, directed by Lasse Hallstrom? It looks to me that it happened accidentally and then Lasse decided to include it in the clip.

Thank you and regards,
Chi, Vietnam



It's most likely it was an accident. Take a look at the fabulous ABBA on TV site for lots of information about ABBA's promotional clips and other television appearances.


Is Frida married?

Lewis, USA 



As far as we know, no. She has been with her current partner Henry Smith  (full name William Henry Smith, 5th Viscount Hambledon) for several years.


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