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March 2013

Hi, thank-you for this forum to ask questions. I had really just an opinion question please. I have written Agnetha at the address listed a couple times and have never gotten a response although I know the letter was delivered because they were sent FedEx and a receptionist signed for them. I sent a return label too and envelope. I know she can be very reclusive & private but have seen others post responses from her. I would never post a response because I think thats not considerate but it would mean alot from a morale stand point to get a response for my scrapbook. Do you think she ever got it or saw it? I don't know how much correspondence they still get but it may still be a great deal? I'm just wondering if its likely after 2 years it was ever seen or likely to get a response? Thanks for a great website.

Larry, USA 



Unfortunately, it seems that you'll never get a response from Agnetha. In January 2016 fans who had written to Agnetha started receiving a form letter (below), stating that as she has "more mail than [she] can handle", and that she can "no longer off [her] personal signature or comments on items received". The signature on the form letter is scanned and printed, not original. Though many fans are disappointed, we have to respect her wishes and her privacy.


Which one came first: The Swedish or English version of the song 'Ring Ring'? And what about 'Waterloo'? Is Swedish or English the original language of this song?

Frode, Norway 



In both cases, the Swedish lyric was written first, though the intention was always to record the songs in English for the international market. Conversely, 'Honey, Honey' was first written and recorded in English.


Is Frida married now ?

Lewis, USA



I don't believe that Frida and her partner Henry Smith are married. Many media reports state that they are, but often "married" is used in the media, especially gossip magazines, as it's an easier reference than "partner" and more age-appropriate than "boyfriend".


I read somewhere online that there was a dance remix version of 'Fernando' planned for the stage version of Mamma Mia! that was scrapped. Is this true or was Fernando never considered for Mamma Mia!?




According to writer Catherine Johnson in the book Mamma Mia! How Can I Resist You?, while the musical was in development 'Fernando' was included as "a flambouyant flamenco number",but it was dropped as it didn't progress the story.


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