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March 2021

Why does the audio abruptly cut off before the Polar copyright information fades in on the official YouTube upload of the 'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!' video?

Aaron, Australia



The audio fades as normal. The copyright notice was not originally part of the video and was added later. after the song ends.


Which songs did ABBA cover in their live shows?

Yair, Israel.



I'm not sure I understand the question. ABBA did no cover versions in their concerts, except on their very earliest cabaret and folkpark shows between 1970 and 1973. If you're interested in finding what songs ABBA performed on their various tours, see the Stage section of ABBA Omnibus.


Was ABBA Greatest Hits,the one with Agnetha and Bjorn sitting on a park bench ever released on CD? The only place I have seen it advertised for sale is in Japan for £99. I dont want to buy it only to find out it is fake,any help would be appreciated, thank you.




Greatest Hits with the park bench photo sleeve was only released on CD by Atlantic Records for the USA and Canada around 1983/84 (catalogue number 19114-2, CD 19114 on Canadian copies). Initial copies were pressed by PolyGram in West Germany for Atlantic, later copies were pressed in the US and Canada. There are two different label designs - early copies had the so-called target label, later copies have a plain silver with red border. The CD has been out of print since the late 80s or early 90s.

 Greatest Hits Greatest Hits
 Greatest Hits target label Greatest Hits silver label

More details can be found on the ABBA on CD site.



In the song Cassandra the lyric that says “But in the darkest of nights nobody knew how to fight and we were caught in our sleep” is it just Agnetha singing that part because to me it sounds like it.

Thanks from Helen, UK



Agnetha's voice does come to the front on those lines, but it is probably both women singing. Certainly they are both miming the lines on the song's one and only television performance.


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