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May 2009

As "Mamma mia" is a typical Italian exclamation, why the location of the musical and consequently the movie, was planned to be in Greece and not in some southern Italy's resort ?

Bob '58, Italy



I don’t know for sure why Mamma Mia! was set in Greece, but I think it probably owes something to the British origins of the play – the Greek islands are popular with British ex-patriots retiring to a life in the sun, running tourist sites for visiting Brits.


Another question: Did ever ABBA toured in Italy? The coming of Agnetha at Riva del Garda in the 80s was the only Italian attendance of one of the ABBA members?

Bob '58, Italy



No, ABBA never toured Italy. I believe they only visited the country once to appear on the TV programme Mostra Internazionale della Musica leggera di Venezia in September 1975.


I sent a letter to Agnetha for her birthday to her private address in Ekero. I don't dare to hope to have any feed-back from her but, in your opinion, do you think she ever read it?

Bob '58, Italy



I think it’s quite likely that Agnetha will read your fan letter. Several times she has spoken of receiving many “lovely” messages from fans. I've also heard lots of stories of fans asking for an autograph receiving a personal reply.


I am trying to find the English version of the song Cecilia. Or a translation of this Swedish Version. Can you help?

Thanks Brenda



Here are the lyrics for the English version on the Tribute to Björn Ulvaeus site.


Can you please tell me what countries will be releasing ABBA in Japan DVD and are there going to be any bonus material on it.

Helen, UK



There has been talk that it will be an international release. It appears that the release date announced in Japan was premature, hoping that the DVD would be ready in time for release on the same day as the Mamma Mia! movie DVD (along with a raft of other ABBA CDs and DVDs set for re-release the same date). As yet there is no news on what the contents will be except for 1978's ABBA Special, but presumably it will include other television appearances from Japan


In August 2007 (in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the compact disc) it was reported that ABBA’s The Visitors was the first popular music CD manufactured, but when was The Visitors actually commercially released?

Thanks, John USA



Apparently the first commercially released popular music CD was Billy Joel’s album 52nd Street, released in Japan in October 1982. In June 2007 I wrote about this very subject on the ABBA World blog.


Who asked for a divorce? Agnetha and Björn? I know that despite everything they remained friends, but I still love that.

Teresa, Portugal



It appears that the couple simply grew apart. According to all statements made public by both of them it was a mutual agreement.


Does the old Australian compilation album 'The Best of ABBA' still hold the highest sales of any album in Australia of any artist (1 million+ sales)?

Tony, Australia



It seems not. According to ARIA as of 2007 Meat Loaf’s 1977 album Bat Out Of Hell was certified 23 times platinum, which equates to sales of over 1,771,000, putting it well above The Best Of ABBA’s reported sales of 1.25 million or so. Unfortunately there are no firm figures for The Best Of ABBA’s sales.


Does their 'Bandstand' show (in Australia from 1976) still hold the record for the most television viewers in Australia (or could that have been replaced by the opening of the Sydney Olympics)? 

Who owns the rights to that TV special. I wrote to Channel 9 many years ago (pre-Universal), and they said that they don't own the rights to it anymore. As the Japanese TV special from 1978 is to be released on DVD soon, it would be fantastic if this Australian gem could ever be released on DVD (including the footage of ABBA around Bobbin Head and the Hawkesbury River).

Tony, Australia



Despite all those reports at the time that The Best Of ABBA television special outrated the first moon landing in 1969, today it doesn’t appear on any “most watched television programmes” lists like this one.

The special was a co-production between Channel 9 and Reg Grundy Productions, now owned by Freemantle Media. Presumably Freemantle now owns the rights to the special, along with a percentage of ABBA - The Movie.


I have an ABBA postcard, signed by all four members promoting the Voulez-Vous LP,. It is still in the original envelope, postmarked with the ABBA logo and dated 22/5/1979. very good condition, just wondering if anyone can help me value it.

 LD Richards, New Zealand



An item like this signed by all four can sell for as much as US$500. As an original promotional item with the original envelope it could sell for even more.


Did ABBA come Estonia too?




No, ABBA never visited Estonia.


Could you please tell me where the group is now, with they live, and how are they doing? I love their music, and continue to play it today.




Benny, Björn and Agnetha all live in Sweden, Benny in Stockholm and Björn and Agnetha on the outskirts of the city. Frida lives in Zermatt, Switzerland. Apparently they are all doing fine. The two women have essentially retired from public life though they make occasional appearances. Björn mostly works behind the scenes, for the musical Mamma Mia! or writing lyrics for Benny's music. Benny continues to make music with his band Benny Anderssons Orkester/Benny Andersson Band.


How was Linda and Christian’s schooling done, was it at private school? What are they both doing now? I know Linda has a daughter. Has Christian any children?

Karen bilton


  As far as I know both went to public school. Linda is an actress, mostly in theatre in Sweden, though she has appeared in a few films and television programmes. Her official website lists her acting work. Christian works in computer development, website creation, computer games and graphic design - his company designed Linda's website. As far as I know he has no children.


Can you please let me know who I need to contact to get permission to use ABBA lyrics in a book?

Joanna, New Zealand



I suggest contact Universal Music in your country.


What made Agnetha have her gap in her teeth fixed, I always thought she looked fine.




Agnetha always maintained that she had no work in her teeth, that the gap closed naturally. There is no evidence besides speculation that she had work done. Teeth do move as the body grows and ages and gaps like this can close (I can vouch for this from personal experience).


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